Membee is the hardworking web-based membership management software system that is designed to make life easier for employees and volunteers of associations, Chambers of Commerce and many other types of membership-based organizations.

We've summarized our major features below - click on an item for more details.

Perfect for Smaller Staff Associations

Membee is affordable, highly flexible and easy to use. We designed Membee specifically for the needs of associations and membership-based organizations with a smaller group of staff members (1 - 25) or no staff at all! Despite this, we've included a number of features that would normally only be found in expensive, complicated association management software packages.

  • Software that grows with you
  • 100% web-based software in the latest technologies
  • Accessible from anywhere
  • No server required
  • No IT person required
  • No transaction fees

Manage Members, Prospects & Others

Membee is designed to let you track information about anyone who interacts with your organization whether it be members, prospective members, sponsors, non-member event attendees and pretty much anyone else you want to keep track of.

  • Track organizations and people
  • Link people to their employers
  • Customizable categories and custom fields
  • Multiple addresses and phone numbers
  • Unlimited ways to relate people and organizations

Dues Invoicing & Online Payment

Membee includes a highly flexible recurring dues invoicing process that starts from when your member first joins and continues to track all aspects from invoice to payment – on whatever recurring schedule that makes sense for your organization.

Event Registration & Online Payment

Membee’s event registration system is designed to make you look like an event planning superstar. You just might be surprised to see all of the advanced features – all of them included in Membee’s affordable package with no additional fees or add-ons required.

  • Track all of your event registrations in one location
  • Accept online registrations and payments
  • Set up multiple pricing levels and options
  • Create a searchable events calendar
  • Compile an event budget and track profitability
  • Optionally create and send invoices for event fees
  • Set-up name tags using Microsoft® Word® templates
  • Build an event participation history

Committee & Group Management

Membee knows that keeping track of who’s participating in your various groups and committees can be real pain that takes away from your most important duties, that’s why we’ve included group and committee management features in Membee.

Participation / Activity Tracking

Membee is here to help you maintain an excellent relationship with each of the people and organizations that you track. To help you do that, Membee keeps record of all transactions and interactions and presents the full details of member’s participation on one screen.

  • Keep a detailed participation history on everyone
  • Use notes to record details of personal interactions
  • Set future to-dos for any person or organization
  • Generate usage statistics for your roster/directory

Online Member Services

All Membee packages and plans include our Member Service Center where your members go to access online services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You are in control of which services are made available on your website and you have the ability to review, edit and approve all submissions made by members before committing them to Membee.

  • Searchable event calendar
  • Event registration with online payment integration
  • Self-serve member profile updates
  • Online invoice payment & email-based invoices
  • Member directory / roster
  • "Members-only" pages and content
  • Member username and password management

Communications, Reporting & Exporting

Membee is designed to store all of the details about your members in one place and then make it easily accessible for whatever reason you need it.

  • Export to Microsoft® Word® merge documents
  • Send email without leaving the Membee Interface
  • Store a copy of sent emails in Membee
  • Export to Microsoft Outlook® for complex merge emails
  • Send HTML-based emails easily with MailChimp
  • Over 50 pre-formatted reports
  • View and download PDF versions of your reports
  • Export any data from any report in flexible CSV format
  • Export financial data to your accounting software.

Website Design, Hosting & Content Management

With Membee, you have the option to host your entire website with us, or you can continue to host your site with any provider. If you stick with your current host, you can simply link to Membee’s integrated functions (such as your membership directory, member profile update, e-billing, event registration, etc.). If you need a new design, we can help you with that too! Plus, if you choose to use Membee’s optional website hosting and design services, you will also gain access to our feature-filled Website Content Management System, making it easy to keep your website content up-to-date. Contact your Membee representative for complete details about pricing.

Help & Support

Every Membee user gets unlimited access to Membee’s help system and to our friendly team of support representatives.

  • Help available from almost every screen
  • Overview help movies for each screen
  • Weekly live training webinars - free of charge!
  • Fast and friendly support

Hosting & Security

Membee is hosted in a highly secure data center, there's no need to have a server in your office for Membee and we offer a guaranteed level of uptime.