Bee as Great as You Can Bee! Here is how we keep you informed, supported, and moving ahead in Membee:

How We Keep You Informed


Alert Bar
Each time we post an update to Membee, introduce a new feature, or have something important to tell you about, we will activate an alert bar, which will be displayed at the top of every page in Membee. This makes it easy for you to keep up to date on all the cool stuff we have going and you can learn more about how to use the Alert Bar here.


Follow us on Twitter
Bees are usually afraid of creatures that 'tweet' however, in this case the bee loves twitter - in fact we have two twitter feeds to keep you up to date. Check us out for all our announcements, neat tricks and general information and for up to date information on the status of Membee's systems and servers.


Like us on FaceBook
Let's Bee Friends! Like us on Facebook to keep up with everything we have going on.


Subscribe to the Latest Buzz blog
Bee in the know by subscribing to our blog. The blog is your definitive resource for the latest new feature announcements and tips from Membee. We highly recommend that all users subscribe to the Latest Buzz.


Check your inbox for The Beeline - Our Monthly Newsletter
Our monthly newsletter is delivered directly to the inbox of all of Membee’s thousands of users. It is a fast paced synopsis of updates, enhancements, new organizations joining the “hive” and typically, a featured organization that is using an aspect of Membee to a high level. Users are encouraged to and frequently do, submit stories of how their organization is using Membee in a great way. We love these stories almost as much as nectar not only for their informational value but also because they demonstrate in real terms how we all work together. Here's a sample.

New_Small.JPG Release Notes
Each time we release an update to Membee, we publish a summary of the enhancements as release notes. Subscribe to our release notes and you will be notified via email each time we post a series of release notes following each update to Membee. You can subscribe by simply following the link above and clicking on the subscribe link in the top right hand corner.
Membee-Exclamation_02.png Membee Status
Membee is always working to ensure our services are up, functioning and speedy. Although very rare, as with all software and web services, things don't work exactly as expected and our services may experience minor interruptions and issues. We also need to update our servers occasionally in order to ensure maximum performance. This site is intended to provide you with the latest information about the status of our services and any planned upgrades and maintenance windows.

How We Keep You Supported


Chat With an Expert
It's like having a Membee expert sitting bee-side you! The built-in chat feature is accessed through the Support tab on the left-hand side of every Membee page so you can quickly bounce a quick question off an available Membee customer service team member. When the chat concludes, Membee's Help Desk automatically sends you a copy of the conversation in an email and stores a copy of the chat in the Help Desk for your future reference. If no chat agent is available, Membee automatically provides you with the option to submit a support request so we can follow up with you. Click here to find out how to use Membee's chat feature.


Ask a Detailed Question
Sometimes, the question you have may be a little more involved, maybee (nope, not a typo) you want to show us a screen shot or your issue may take us some time to investigate before getting back to you. Either way, Membee's support request system insures that no issue slips through the cracks until it is solved to your satisfaction. Your complete support history is retained in Membee's Help Desk for easy future reference by you. Want the details? Click here to find out how easy it is to ask a question.

kb_icon_small.jpg Help from the Hive

This is Membee’s ever-growing knowledge base where we post the articles that help you get things done in Membee. These articles are part of the information that you see when you click on Help in Membee. The articles not only provide you with step by step instructions, but include tips and tricks to help you extend your use of Membee and make sure you are getting the most out of your investment. Are you a visual learner? No worries, the bee is a bit of a movie nut and many of the articles in Help From the Hive include short videos showing the feature in action. Click here to find out how to use Help from the Hive.


Sometimes you just need a little bit of focused, customized help and this is where booking a training or consultation session with us is an excellent investment. We will take the time to develop a customized training session based on what you need to know or be there to guide you through the implementation of one of Membee's many features. This service is most often employed when a client organization loses a key staff member and they need to get a new person up-to-speed quickly. These sessions are offered on a first come first served basis. To order your training:

How We Improve the Quality of Our Service

sla_small.png Service Level Guidelines
Nobody wants to wait for answers so we hold ourselves to an industry leading level of service that strives to ensure that 95% of users are contacted the same day they ask a question and at least 65% of those questions are also solved the same day.
Guarantee_3_small.jpg Customer Service Satisfaction Rating
Are you satisfied? You tell us how we are doing by rating your satisfaction with the service our team has delivered. Each time you receive assistance from a member of Membee's custom service team, you will receive an email within 24 hours containing a one question survey. If you feel your experience with our team was not up to your standard you can rate your experience accordingly. Membee's professional grade Help desk powered by Zendesk (help system for Facebook, Twitter, Group On and many others) will route your feedback to senior Membee staff for follow-up with you. Click here to find out how this works.
Article_Voting_3.png Voting on Articles
We know that the same article written two different ways can yield very different results. By taking an extra second to vote on an article, you tell us which writing styles communicate effectively to you. You can find out how to vote here.

How We Improve the Quality of Membee

enhancement_small.jpg Enhancement Philosophy
In a nut shell, our enhancement philosophy is very simple and is driven by three key points: Make the software more relevant to users with each passing year of usage. Help the largest group of users. Avoid anything that detracts from the first two objectives - clutter detracts from ease of use. Find out all the details here.
bug_small.png Bugs Suck - How We Exterminate Them
Everyone hates bugs in software and we are very serious about eliminating them. We have built mechanisms into our systems to help identify them, get the fixed and keep them from happening again. You can read all the details on what happens when a bug is discovered here.
Update_Small.png Upgrade/Update Process
How does your organization update Membee? Simple - you just log in on Monday morning following an update and the new features are there! We apply fully tested updates to Membee early Sunday mornings to insure those updates don't happen in the middle of the working day for Membee's international clients. Once the updates are applied to Membee, all you need to do is log in to Membee and the new features are available. In general updates to Membee happen every 4-5 weeks when we have a set of enhancements that's not too big for users to review and put to work.