Friends of the Hive

It’s a win-win-win! To use Membee for FREE, all you need to do is refer another organization to Membee. Your friend gains access to Membee’s powerful features that help them automate and streamline their process!

How Friends of the Hive Works

Friends of the Hive is a simple program with a few basic rules to keep it fair for everyone:

We Apply a Credit To Your Membee Subscription

When the organization you are referring to Membee actually subscribes to Membee, we apply a one time credit to your account that kicks in for your next billing cycle. The amount of the credit applied is equal to the amount of your Membee subscription or the amount of the new organization’s subscription, whichever is less. For example, if your subscription is $220 per month and your friend’s organization subscription is $110 per month, then we credit your next billing for $110..

No Limit To The Number Of Credits Applied To Your Account

The more organizations you refer, the more you save. Simple.

Your Referral Is Protected For The Next 90 Days

In order to qualify for the credit to your Membee subscription, your friend’s organization must subscribe to Membee in the next 90 days. If that doesn’t happen then the organization your referred becomes “open” meaning you or another Membee subscriber can refer the organization again.

First In Wins

In the unlikely scenario when two Membee subscribers refer the same organization, first in wins. All referrals are date and time stamped.

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