Site Add-Ons

Our highly experienced bees will build your site with our FREE site setup services a part of your Membee Complete implementation.

You may find that there are a number of additional features that you require for your site. We consider these features as ‘add-ons’. These add-ons are an additional cost and you can find all the most common add-ons below!

All Add-Ons

  1. Existing WordPress Site Migration
  2. Job Board
  3. Members-Only Discussion
  4. Secured Resource Library
  5. Custom Forms
  6. Ad Rotation
  7. Migrating Features & Custom Pages
  8. Static Website Page Insertion
  9. Bilingual Content & Menus
  10. Chat
  11. Photo Gallery
  12. Logo Conversion


Existing WordPress Site Migration

$450 + Tax (if applicable)

It is possible to migrate selected content of an existing WordPress website to your new Membee Complete site. We will migrate the following to your Membee Complete site:

  • All existing blog posts (News in your membee Complete site)
  • All existing site pages
  • All images that are used in either an existing blog post or page

NOTE 1: We strongly recommend that you contact your existing hosting provider and request a comprehensive backup of the existing site including the site’s database container and the associated folder structure. The folder structure will contain everything uploaded to the old site including any images, videos, and files not currently referenced in an existing blog post or page.

NOTE 2: We will require site administrator access to the dashboard of your existing site in order to initiate the export process.

NOTE 3: If your old site has been heavily modified to include custom data types (accomplished with tools such as PODs or bbPress) then any content contained in these custom data types will not be migrated to the new Membee Complete site.

We utilize a third party’s code to complete this migration to keep the cost of the migration as low as possible. Please note that this is an “as is” migration meaning that additional work may be required to adapt migrated content to your new Membee Complete site. Issues may include:

  • Inline CSS inserted at the time of authoring in blog posts and pages that render the content in a manner that is inconsistent with your new site’s design
  • Images sizes that are either too large causing other elements of the page to move or too small causing the image to pixelate 

We recommend your thorough review of any imported content if it is utilized in your new Membee Complete site.

Job Board

$480 + Tax (if applicable)
+ $19 USD Annual Subscription to Application Deadline Add-On for WP Job Manager

You can add a valuable “members-only” job board to your Membee Complete site that permits job listings only from members in good standing with your organization.

The capabilities and features are as follows:

  1. Selling Job Listings (Optional)
    • Uses existing Membee Events functionality to complete a credit card-based transaction for the purchase of a job posting
    • Uses existing Membee Events “Notice to Purchase” feature to send a link to the purchaser so the purchaser can utilize the Public facing form (see below) to input the new job posting
    • All job posting purchases are visible in both the financial and participation history for the purchaser who at your option, can be a member or non-member
  2. Job Entry Form With The Following Fields:
    • Job Title – mandatory – text field
    • Location – text field
    • Job Type – mandatory – multi-select options that are created in the dashboard (e.g. Full Time, Part Time, Temporary, Internship, Freelance)
    • Job Category – you define the categories and multiple categories can be allowed
    • Job Description – mandatory – text field
    • Application email and/or URL – mandatory – text field (this is a plugin setting)
    • Closing Date (Application Deadline)
    • Company Name – mandatory – text field
    • Company Website – text field
    • Tagline
    • Video (a link to a video about the company)
    • Twitter username
    • Logo
    • reCaptcha
  3. File Upload Capability For a Company Logo
  4. Member-Facing Jobs Dashboard
    • Members login and manage their own jobs
    • Members can edit positions (pending edits) prior to site admin your approval of the job
    • You can permit edits of approved with or without another site admin approval
    • Delete jobs
    • Mark as “filled”
    • Duplicate an existing job as the basis for a new job listing
  5. Job Display & Visibility
    • Control the number of job listings listed per page
    • Control visibility of filled listings
    • Control visibility of expired listings – job listings disappear automatically at the end of their Closing Date and/or after the number of days entered in the Listing Duration setting (default is 30 days)
    • The jobs will display most recent first on a “Jobs” page in your site and each in the listed job will link to its own job detail page
    • The job listings on the “Jobs” page can be filtered by Job Type in addition to being searched by keyword and/or location
    • Control visibility of job by Category(s)
    • Google Map location (optional) – requires Google Maps API key
  6. Upon a new job submission notification is sent to the main Website Admin email
  7. Submission is approved by a specified (if more than one) Membee Complete subscriber in the website dashboard before the job is visible on your site
  8. The job is displayed automatically on the website once approved
  9. Notification workflow to the member informs them when job listings expire
  10. Jobs are returned in the site search (if Jobs are added to the SearchWP post types) if they meet the search criteria
  11. Setup Services Provided
    • Install the WP Job Manager plugin in your Membee Complete site
    • Install the Application Deadline plugin in your Membee Complete site
    • Enhancement your website’s Search so that job listings are returned in search results
    • Secure your job board with Membee-managed member usernames and passwords
    • Perform some basic styling so the job board matches your Membee Complete site’s design
    • Test adding job listings
    • Test notifications to the website’s Web Admin (must be a Membee Complete subscriber)
    • Test “members only” security
    • Test site search

Members-Only Discussion Spaces

$600 + Tax (if applicable)

Establish private discussion spaces as the primary method for sharing among members on your new Membee Complete website.

  1. Discussion Spaces
    • Create unlimited discussions spaces
    • Each discussion space can be:
      • Public – accessible by any site visitor
      • Members-Only – accessible only by members with a valid Membee-managed login
      • Members-Only & Accessible By a Specified Subset of Members – uses Membee’s Member Access Roles feature to restrict access to the specified subset of members
  2. Discussion Topics
    • Any discussion space participant can create a discussion topic
    • Any participant in the topic can add post a reply to an existing topic
    • Any participant in the topic can add the following attachments: Text, Images, & Files
  3. Discussion Participant Notifications
    • Discussion topic authors are notified of replies in their topic
    • Any discussion space participants can choose which existing topics they wish to follow and be notified of replies by other participants
  4. Moderation
    • Activating this feature is optional
    • All new discussion topics and replies in existing topics are “live” when saved – the moderator is notified of the new post’s existence
    • The Membee Complete website’s Web Admin can create or designate existing members as moderator(s) for already existing discussion spaces
    • Moderators are notified of new discussion topics & replies on existing discussion topics
  5. Setup Services Provided
    • Install the WPforo plugin on your Membee Complete site
    • Activate the “attachment” plugin so participants can share files, images, etc.
    • Secure your discussion forum with Membee-managed member usernames and passwords
    • Perform some basic styling so the forum matches your site’s design
    • Create an initial discussion space
    • Test topic creation
    • Test notifications topic authors of replies on their topic
    • Test notifications to topic subscribers of replies to posts in a topic
    • Test notifications to discussion space moderators (must be a Membee Complete subscriber)
    • Test “members only” security

After we create your initial discussion forum, you can create additional discussion spaces if required.

Secured Resource Library

$580 + Tax (if applicable)

This feature provides an easy to use document repository that makes downloads easy for members. The Library is completely secured and is accessible only by members whose membership is in good standing.

The details include:

  1. Uploading Documents
    • Documents are uploaded via the Media Library in the site back end
    • Mark a document as “Protected” with a check box in the Media Library. This is to ensure that anyone who has a secured document link shared with them will be required to login as a member if they click the document link
    • Google is blocked from indexing your protected documents
    • Upload unlimited documents
    • Upload documents in different file types. PDF file format recommended
  2. Document Organization
    • Click “Document Library” in your Membee Complete site to add uploaded documents to your secured library
    • Organize documents in categories you create
    • Organize documents using tags you create (handy for subcategorization)
    • Specify which documents can be downloaded
  3. Document Display & Access
    • The document library displays documents in a grid
    • The document library is placed on a “members only” page meaning anyone accessing the library must have a valid Membee-managed member login
    • You specify columns of document information are visible in the document grid
    • Standard is Title, Description, Category, Upload Date
    • An excerpt from the document can be displayed in the document grid
    • Documents can be sorted by clicking column headers
    • Create private download links with the ability to restrict the number of downloads
    • Create additional libraries as needed including “public” libraries that do not require login
  4. Searching & Filtering
    • Search documents based on title
    • Search documents based on the content of a document (PDFs only)
    • Filter documents by category
    • Filter documents by tag
  5. Setup Services Provided
    • Install the document library on your Membee Complete site
    • Setup an initial set of document categories and tags
    • Upload a maximum of 20 documents for you
    • Enhancement your website’s Search so that documents are returned in search results
    • Secure your document library with Membee-managed member usernames and passwords
    • Perform some basic styling so the library matches your site’s design
    • Test document upload by uploading several test documents – you can delete these
    • Test document link security – if a link is shared
    • Test “members only” security
    • Test site search to ensure documents are returned in the search results but they require a valid member login to access

Custom Forms

$350 + Tax (if applicable)

This feature provides a custom form developed your specifications and a  free upgrade to a popular form builder WordPress plugin entitled Gravity Forms.

The details include:

  • Upgrading the “Contact Us” form included with your website to use Gravity Forms
  • Up to a maximum of 15 fields per form
  • The site administrator will be informed via email of any form submissions
  • All form submissions available via the WordPress Dashboard
  • Build unlimited forms yourself

Ad Rotation

$480 + Tax (if applicable)
+ €39 Euros (~$60 CAD or ~$44 USD) Annual Subscription for AdRotate Pro

You can add an ad rotation tool to your website. The capabilities and features are as follows:

  1. Ad Management
    • Manage all ads from the dashboard of your Membee Complete site
    • Receive notifications regarding your ads in email and on the dashboard of your Membee Complete site
    • Adblock disguise to improve ad display
  2. Ad Features
    • Ad preview before posting
    • Assign different weights to ads to influence ad display frequency
    • Mobile ads – detect mobile devices and display different ads
    • Support for all major ad formats – Banners, HTML5/Flash, JavaScript-based, Affiliate
    • Trigger ad rotation on either a page refresh or in dynamic mode where the ads refresh every few seconds
    • Inject ads into content in any page or news post
    • Control how ads display using schedule, date range, time range, maximum click, maximum impressions, or spreading the impressions
  3. Performance Tracking
    • Internal graphical statistics accessed from the dashboard of your Membee Complete site
    • Support for Google Analytics
    • Exclude both impressions and clicks from logged in users (site admin) and bots
    • Exportable performance data
  4. Advertiser-Facing Features (optional to use)
    • Connect ad(s) to a specific advertiser
    • See an overview of ad performance
    • Submit new ads
    • Set up mobile-specific ads
    • Preview their ads
    • Export ad performance
  5. Setup Services Provided
    • Install the AdRotate Pro plugin in your Membee Complete site
    • Insert 4 ads that will display at the same time in a single panel on the homepage of your Membee Complete site
    • Insert 4 ads that will rotate and display one ad at a time in the standard sidebar of your Membee Complete site
    • Perform some basic styling so the ad display mechanisms match your Membee Complete site’s design
    • Test ad setup
    • Test ad rotation on both the home page and the interior page sidebar
    • Test notifications to the website’s Web Admin (must be a Membee Complete subscriber)
    • Test ad injection into page and/or news content

Migrating Site Features From Another Design OR Custom Page Creation

$190 + Tax (if applicable)

See a feature you like in one of the other Membee complete designs? Any feature, such as the slider of site sponsors can be added to any Membee complete design!

Setup Services provided:

  • Install the feature into your preferred Membee Complete design
  • Perform some basic styling so the new feature matches the design of your new Membee Complete site and your organization’s branding
  • Test the feature

Static Website Page Insertion Service

$299 per 10 Page Block + Tax (if applicable)

Package Includes:

  • Insertion of a block of up to 10 static pages of website content in addition to the 10 pages of static content insertion already included in the Membee Complete Set Up Services page
  • Due to scheduling considerations, this package only available prior to the client’s new Membee Complete website going live

Bilingual Content & Menu Management

$600 + Tax (if applicable)

Browsers are notoriously bad at handling user-specific languages and as a result, the ability to provide that best possible bilingual experience falls to your site falls itself. This add-on allows you to specify two languages for your site while making it easy for you to manage both page content and menus in both languages while allowing a site visitor to switch between languages on the fly. This creates the best bilingual site visitor experience possible.

Please Note: In order to allow the site visitor to toggle your site between the two languages, you need to select a Membee Complete site design that contains secondary site navigation so that there is a location for the link that will allow the site visitor to toggle the site between languages. The Membee Complete Design #1 contains secondary navigation as the location for the “Home”, “Contact Us”, and “Member Login” links. Also note that any Membee Complete designs can be revised at a nominal cost to introduce this secondary navigation.

Package Includes:

  1. Page Creation
    • You manage single pages meaning that both languages are managed on the page and the site displays the content based on the desired language selected by the site visitor. This means that your site does not double in size to account for the page content in two languages
    • A new “language” panel is inserted into your site editor to make language control easier on each page
    • Create unlimited bilingual pages on the fly
    • Pages we create for you will contain both languages if you provide us with the content in both languages. If the translations are happening as your site is in development, we will allow time in the project for you to insert the translations yourself. This also provides the opportunity to understand how it works so future site updates are easier
    • You are responsible for the accuracy of the translation
  2. Site Menus
    • Much like the pages, you supply the text in both languages for each menu choice
    • Since menus operate in a confined space, it is very important to keep the text for your menu options as short as possible.
  3. Site Display
    • Based on the language option selected by the site visitor both the site’s menus and page content will change on the fly to the selected language provided you have inserted all the translations
  4. Setup Services Provided
    • Install the WPML plugin in your Membee Complete site
    • Test page language display based on the language selected
    • Test menu language display based on the language selected
    • Provide you with an overview so you can create bilingual pages and menu options as needed going forward


$290 + Tax (if applicable)
+ $16 USD/month Live Chat Subscription

Making easy for a site visitor to engage with you is a key to establishing a relationship that may lead to a new member, purchaser, or sponsor. Chat capability on your site is an ideal way for a site visitor to engage with your organization. It is ideal because it is easy!

The Chat add-on for your Membee Complete site provides this capability. The tool we recommend is LiveChat, a fully-featured solution used by organizations such as Adobe, McDonalds, PayPal, Stripe, IKEA, and it’s used by Membee!

We tried several chat tools on, a number of them were “free”. In short, we got what we paid for. So yes, you subscribe to LiveChat but you are using a real tool that is updated regularly and is backed up by a real company with real documentation and support.

The capabilities and features are as follows:

  1. General Features
    • There are a ton of features – for the full list, visit
    • LiveChat is site agnostic meaning you can keep LiveChat if you ever decide to change sites
    • LiveChat is managed through a separate site, not the back end of your Membee Complete site – this provides flexibility to managing chat agents and settings independent for your site – a chat agent does not have to be a site admin
    • Email-based offline styling so the LiveChat bot looks like it belongs on your Membee Complete site
    • Perform basic setup in LiveChat so your site can take questions from site visitors 24×7 during periods when chat agents are not available
    • Ticketing – sometimes an inquiry takes some back and forth to resolve successfully which is handled by the ticketing feature
    • Solid customization – so that LiveChat fits nicely into your site and presents your brand professionally
  2. Setup Services Provided
    • Integrate LiveChat with your Membee Complete site
    • Perform basic branding and styling so your LiveChat bot looks like it belongs on your site
    • Perform initial LiveChat set up such as greetings, etc.
    • Test chat workflow including chat agent notification
    • Test offline inquiry workflow

$380 + Tax (if applicable)
+ $29 USD/year subscription to Modula Pro

Create beautiful photo galleries using the #1 WordPress Gallery plugin Modula.  There are a ton of great features included in Modula and you can find them all by visiting

The capabilities and features are as follows

  1. General Features
    • Unlimited Images
    • Allow your website’s visitors to easily sort through your gallery by applying one or more filters to your images
    • Access to 6 lightbox styles & effects
    • Add engaging Image loading animations: rotate or horizontally/vertically animate the images on each page loads
    • Access to 12 built-in image hover effects
    • Add multiple choices for sorting out images from your gallery: manual, date created, date modified, alphabetically, reverse or random
    • Image Categorization
  2. Setup Services Provided
    • Test gallery setup
    • Test viewing gallery
    • Create and test categories that can be assigned to images allowing visitors to see images based on the category
    • Setup up to 3 galleries using the “FancyBox” style ( You can create additional galleries once completed
    • You can choose to change this to different grid options and styles
    • Add a gallery description
    • Setup up a total of 15 images (set a title, category, caption and entered in the appropriate gallery)

Logo Conversion

$450 + Tax (if applicable)

In order to provide you with the best site that augments your brand and works seamlessly on all devices, your logo needs to be provided in an eps or ai file format. 

In most cases, when your logo was first developed, you would have been provided with a number of different file formats for your logo, including the eps and ai files. However, if this was not the case or you cannot locate these files, we can convert your logo for you into these formats. 

This is not a rebranding service for your organization, we will convert your existing logo and provide you with a full set of file formats that are designed to be used for web and print.

  1. Setup Services Provided
    • You provide Membee with your existing logo
    • We will convert your logo
    • You will review the files and provide feedback
    • One set of revisions will be completed based on your feedback
    • Final logo files will be provided to you in different formats
  2. Logo File Formats Provided
    • Full Color: ai, eps, jpg, png, svg, pdf
    • Black & White: ai, eps, jpg, png, svg, pdf
    • Black & White Reversed: ai, eps, jpg, png, svg, pdf
    • CMYK: ai, eps, jpg, png, svg, pdf
    • RGB: ai, eps, jpg, png, svg, pdf
    • Color Code Guide.pdf
    • Color Code

Don’t see a feature that you’re looking for? Give us a buzz!