Membee Complete

All-in-one package of your membership features tightly integrated into a new modern, mobile friendly & easy-to-manage website.

  • Choose one of the four responsive designs that best augment your brand
  • Access to all of Membee’s membership management features
  • Administrative access to both Membee and the back-end of your website
  • Unlimited pages, bandwidth, storage, and support included in the subscription
  • Next generation content editor
  • Built-in SEO management and site analytics
  • Site setup, content insertion, and website admin orientation included
  • Built in the world’s #1 Content Management System (CMS): WordPress
  • 1-year contract that renews automatically
  • Free Site Set Up Services Included

Pay Monthly Pay Annually

Pay once a year and save 10%
for the first admin user
$80/month per additional admin users
Flat subscription rate
for the first admin user
$89/month per additional admin users


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What’s Included In My Subscription?

The following features and services are included in your monthly subscription:

Every Single Feature

Simply put, you are subscribing to a service where ALL the features are there for you to use! Not all organizations use all the features, but they’re available for your organization to fully utilize the features that best fit your staff and members.

Full Website Capabilities

The website administrator can use all the website’s capabilities so that they can change the content to their heart’s desire, leaving an impactful impression for your visitors! The built-in SEO and analytics will allow you to see how your website is doing and make the right changes to become more visible.

Unlimited Data & Records

When we say “a simple, flat monthly fee”, we mean it. We firmly believe that “the more you play, the more you pay” pricing models inhibit your organization’s success. We don’t care or monitor the number of records you have and we don’t take a chunk of each transaction you or a member performs.

Full Site Security

Installing and maintaining a Secured Socket Layer (SSL) certificate is included in your Membee Complete subscription. Site visitors can visit your site with confidence knowing that it is fully secure. Your SEO ranking improves as well thanks to serving your site securely.

Unlimited Support

Support might be Membee Complete’s best feature! Videos, step by step instructions, tips, tricks, and best practices are all located in our “Help From the Hive” knowledge base, accessible at any time! We encourage our users to ask as many questions as they like through email, chat, and call. We track every question so we can monitor our response times and the quality of our answers. Help is just a click away!

All Upgrades & Major Enhancements

It varies year to year but in a typical year, we release 8-10 major updates to Membee Complete each year. Membee Complete is constantly getting better and all we need you to do is watch your inbox for alerts announcing major new features and then simply login to Membee Complete to start putting the new features to work for your organization.

The First Month is Free!

Your free period begins the first full business day after completing the Sign up form and runs for 30 days from that date.

How Do I Get Membee Complete Up & Going for My Organization?

Membee Complete sounds Awesome! How do I get up and going? In short, this is the most important time so we are there to assist as outlined below:

You Work With a Human to Get Setup

Once you signup, we assign an experienced Implementation Coordinator to handle a bunch of the Membee Complete setup tasks for you. They are with you as long as it takes to handle setup tasks and advise you as you make decisions on how Membee Complete will work best for your organization.

We want Membee Complete to fit like a glove so working with a single person ensures Membee Complete is setup to provide that great fit! Specifically, that means your Implementation Coordinator will import your data, help you get the membership widgets you want running on your site, and help you eliminate as many admin tasks as possible using Membee Complete’s Automations.

We Import Your Existing Data

Bringing your data into Membee Complete from your existing system is an important part of your Membee Complete implementation. Just hand your Membee Complete Implementation Coordinator your data in a single Excel spreadsheet and they take it from there. They will assess your spreadsheet and make some specific recommendations of changes you should make to the spreadsheet.

There is no restriction on the number of rows of data contained in your single spreadsheet. Member, non-member, it doesn’t matter to us.

By the way, when we import your data, we’ll do it as many times as necessary to get it just the way you want it. It is not unusual to want to make some changes to your spreadsheet once you see your data in Membee Complete. Just make the changes and we’ll bring it in again. The goal is to get it right!

Website Creation and Orientation

This is where the exciting and fun part comes in! We set up your hosting account and WordPress page for you, establish the site’s basic navigation structure, and import and setup your content pages. Your website will be colour matched to augment your branding and the membership widgets will be configured and styled for you! Of course, we fine-tune your website’s responsive design so that it can be viewed on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. To top it all off, we provide a half-hour online training session for your site administrator so they can keep the new site looking great!

We Will Automate Your World

With your data in and the membership widgets installed on your website, it’s time to set up the cool stuff! Membee Complete’s Automations are a group of features designed to automate the most time-consuming membership and event workflows. Welcome processes, membership approvals, renewal delivery, renewal reminders, membership suspension, membership cancellation, event marketing, event reminders, and profile reminders are just a few of the processes automated in Membee Complete. Your Implementation Coordinator will go through all of Membee Complete’s automations with you and configure them the way you want them with the goal being to reduce your administrative workload to its bare minimum. Remember, the only good administrative task is the one you don’t need to do.

It’s Time to Go Live!

Some last minute testing to make sure Membee Complete is set up and interacting with your members the way you want it to. We walk you through the emails members and potential members see, perform actual test transactions so you see first hand how payment processing works, and login to “members only” features as a member to insure both new and long time members begin to enjoy a more valuable membership experience.

Subscription & Implementation FAQs

How do I determine the # of admin users I need?

Generally, you don’t need a user subscription for each staff member or volunteer. Multiple admin users tend to make sense where an organization has different people performing membership administration, event management, and financial functions (invoicing, payments, and reporting). With Membee Complete, your site administrator is required to have a user subscription on their own. Think about which of your people need these types of capabilities.

Can My Admin Users Share an Admin User Login?

Technically, yes. If two people are sharing an admin user login then Membee Complete will only allow one of the admin users to be logged in to Membee Complete at a time and receive support through one email. This admin username is the email address and Membee Complete will route any communication to this email address. If multiple users will be living & breathing in Membee and need their own support, we recommend they have their own user subscription.

Do my members need a subscription?

No! Members visiting your site looking to register for an event at member rates, update their member profile, or even access “members only” content on your site don’t need a subscription. You control unlimited member usernames and password completely from within Membee Complete.

Can I increase or reduce the # of subscribed users?

Yes, at any time! You can manage your subscriptions in Membee and by simply removing or adding a subscriber to your account, Membee will automatically update your subscription costs in the next upcoming bill date.

One Year Commitment

In the first year of your Membee Complete subscription, you are committed to the first 12-monthly payments, a one-year contract. After this first year, you will renew each month.

Save 10% On Your Subscription!

By default, your Membee Complete subscription is billed on a monthly basis. Your subscription will transact once every month for the number of admin users you have upon renewal. By moving to an annual Membee Complete subscription, you can save 10% of your total subscription cost, saving you a minimum of $227/year.

Billing Method

We charge your credit card for ongoing admin user subscription fees. We accept VISA and MasterCard. We’ll contact you to gather your credit card information after you start the implementation process. Please note that your credit card information is fully secured by our payment gateway provider, Bambora.

What if I Need a Paper Invoice?

We can set that up for you but there is a difference in cost to administrate. This administrative fee is 10% of your total monthly subscription cost, 5% is to us for the administrative overhead, and 5% to our annual contribution to the Pollinator Partnership. You will receive your monthly invoice in advance via email and you have the option to pay by cheque or online through your account. Looking to pay annually? We’ll waive the administrative fee for you!

Try Before We Buy?

You bet! Since the first 30 days of your Membee Complete subscription is free, this creates a great opportunity to try Membee Complete while you work with one of our Implementation Coordinators to get Membee Complete set up. This “evaluation” is much more relevant because you’re working with your data and your website. If you like what you see, you just keep going and if you don’t, just let us know in that first 30 days without cost.

What If I’m a Start Up?

If you have been acquiring members for less than a year, Membee Complete is not likely the best tool to test your business model. While it is very powerful and not trivial to deploy, we want you to succeed as you mature in your membership model. Membee Complete is best suited for organizations that already have proof of concept, have been acquiring members for more than a year, and are looking to perfect and automate their existing processes, not establish them. If you have been acquiring members for less than a year, you will be required to pay for the first 6 months in advance.


You can cancel at any time. Every bit (data bit that is) of your data belongs to you and is returned to you in XML format upon cancellation. All we need is 5 business days notice so that we can make the transition as smooth as possible for you.

Subscription Agreement

For all the details on things like how we guarantee Membee Complete’s up time and leave no doubt that your own your data, check out the Membee Subscription Agreement.