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Site Set Up Services Provided

We set up your Membee Complete website to help you build the foundation of your site, ensuring that you have everything you need. The site set up services provided are free of charge and included with your Membee Complete subscription. Some of these services include setting up your unlimited hosting, WordPress account set up, integrated membership features and widgets, & more.

Free Site Set Up Services


The Implementation Process

Getting Membee Implemented

We understand that the transition into a new system isn’t always easy. That’s why you’ll be working with an implementation coordinator to help guide you in prepping your data for your copy of Membee and getting your new website into development! Your go-to person is your implementation coordinator who will make your transition into Membee as smooth as it should be!

Membee Complete Implementation Process


How We Inform & Support You

Alert Bar

Each time we post an update to Membee, introduce a new feature, or have something important to tell you about, we will activate an alert bar, which will be displayed at the top of every page in Membee. This makes it easy for you to keep up to date on all the cool stuff we have going and you can learn more about how to use the Alert Bar here.

Subscribe to the Latest Buzz blog

Bee in the know by subscribing to our blog. The blog is your definitive resource for the latest new feature announcements, tips from Membee, and success stories of fellow Membee users achieving new levels of organizational success through Membee. As a Membee user, you are automatically subscribed to the Latest Buzz.

Membee’s Status Website

Membee is always working to ensure our services are up, functioning and speedy. Although very rare, as with all software and web services, sometimes, things don’t work exactly as expected and our services may experience minor interruptions and issues. We also need to update our infrastructure servers occasionally in order to ensure maximum performance. This site is intended to provide you with the latest information about the status of our services and any planned upgrades and maintenance windows. If you think Membee is having an issue, checking should be your first stop.

Release Notes

Each time we release an update to Membee, we publish a summary of the enhancements as release notes. As a Membee user, you are subscribed to our release notes and you will be notified via email each time we post a series of release notes following each update to Membee.

Join Membee’s Facebook Group

The Membee Facebook User Group is exclusive and is designed for communication between Membee users. Getting advice and feedback from experienced Membee users can be an invaluable resource. Users will use this group to throw ideas around, ask questions, discuss the Annual User’s Meeting, and will also receive exciting sneak peeks on new Membee features. Free and easy to join just follow the above link!

Check your inbox for The Beeline – Our Monthly Newsletter

Our monthly newsletter is delivered directly to the inbox of all of Membee’s thousands of users. It is a fast paced synopsis of updates, enhancements, new organizations joining the “hive” and typically, a featured organization that is using an aspect of Membee to a high level. Users are encouraged to and frequently do, submit stories of how their organization is using Membee in a great way. We love these stories almost as much as nectar not only for their informational value but also because they demonstrate in real terms how we all work together. Here’s a sample.

Follow us on Twitter

Bees are usually afraid of creatures that ‘tweet’ however, in this case, the bee loves twitter – in fact, we have two twitter feeds to keep you up to date. Check us out for all new feature announcements, neat tricks, and success stories and for up to date information on the status of Membee’s systems and servers.

Like us on FaceBook

Let’s Bee Friends! Like us on Facebook to keep up with everything we have going on.

Join Membee’s LinkedIn Group

Membee’s LinkedIn Group is exclusive to Membee User’s. You will gain access to other Membee users and Membee staff. Member’s of this group will be the first to acquire the newest Membee feature before its release. Membee’s blog posts are also uploaded to this page for easy access. Free and easy to join just follow the link above!

Chat With An Expert

It’s like having a Membee expert sitting bee-side you! The built-in chat feature is accessed through the Help link at the top of every Membee page so you can quickly bounce a quick question off an available Membee customer service team member. When the chat concludes, Membee’s Help Desk automatically sends you a copy of the conversation in an email and stores a copy of the chat in the Help Desk for your future reference. If no chat agent is available, Membee automatically provides you with the option to submit a support request so we can follow up with you.

Ask a Detailed Question

Sometimes, the question you have may be a little more involved, maybee (nope, not a typo) you want to show us a screenshot or your issue may take us some time to investigate before getting back to you. Either way, Membee’s Help Desk ensures that no issue slips through the cracks until it is solved to your satisfaction. You can ask as many questions as you like and your complete support history is retained in Membee’s Help Desk for easy future reference by you.

Help from the Hive

This is Membee’s ever-growing knowledge base where we post the articles that help you get things done in Membee. These articles are part of the information that you see when you click on Help in Membee. The articles not only provide you with step by step instructions but include tips and tricks to help you extend your use of Membee and make sure you are getting the most out of your investment. Are you a visual learner? No worries, the bee is a bit of a movie nut and many of the articles in Help From the Hive include short videos showing the feature in action.

Customized Help Just for You

Sometimes you just need a little bit of focused, customized help and this is where booking a consultation session with us is an excellent investment. We will take the time to develop a customized training session based on what you need to know or be there to guide you through the implementation of one of Membee’s many features. This service is most often employed when a client organization loses a key staff member and they need to get a new person up-to-speed quickly. These sessions are offered on a first come first served basis.

For session topics, pricing, and how to order, see “One-On-One Consults” below.

How We Improve Our Service & Membee

Service Level Guidelines

Nobody wants to wait for answers so we hold ourselves to an industry leading level of service that strives to ensure that 95% of users are contacted within 2 business days from when they ask a question and at least 65% of those questions are also solved in a single response.

Customer Service Satisfaction Rating

Are you satisfied? You tell us how we are doing by rating your satisfaction with the service our team has delivered. Each time you receive assistance from a member of Membee’s customer service team, you will receive an email within 48 hours containing a one question survey. If you feel your experience with our team was not up to your standard you can rate your experience accordingly. Membee’s professional grade Help desk powered by Zendesk (help system for Facebook, Twitter, Group On and many others) will route your feedback to senior Membee staff for follow-up with you.

Voting on Articles That Help You

We know that the same article written two different ways can yield very different results. By taking an extra second to vote on an article, you tell us which writing styles communicate effectively to you.

Enhancement Philosophy

In a nutshell, our enhancement philosophy is very simple and is driven by three key points: Make the software more relevant to users with each passing year of usage. Perfect features that help the largest group of users. Avoid anything that detracts from the first two objectives – clutter detracts from ease of use.

Bugs (Except for Bees) Suck – How We Exterminate Them

Everyone hates bugs in software and we are very serious about eliminating them. We have built mechanisms into our systems to help identify them, get them fixed and keep them from happening again. When one is discovered, we assess how nasty it is, prioritize it, fix it, test it, and update the Help From the Hive documentation if needed. We also document it in the Membee’s Release Notes so everyone knows it has been exterminated.

Upgrade/Update Process

How does your organization update Membee? Simple – you just log in on Monday morning following an update and the new features are there! We apply fully tested updates to Membee early Sunday mornings to ensure those updates don’t happen in the middle of the working day for Membee’s international clients. Once the updates are applied to Membee, all you need to do is login to Membee and the new features are available. On average, updates to Membee happen every 4-5 weeks so that we have a set of enhancements that are not too big for users to review and put to work.

One-On-One Consults

First, if you are considering implementing Membee to move your organization forward, you do not need to purchase consulting services for your staff or volunteers. Our Implementation Coordinators will hand curate articles from Membee’s massive “Help From the Hive” knowledge base to fit your specific needs.

We have friends who are software trainers/consultants and we like them, we just don’t want them working for us and we accomplish this by adhering to three principles:

  • Easy-of-use trumps functionality. No matter how useful or powerful a feature is, if it is hard to use, no one will use it.
  • If a feature design makes it hard to use, redesign it.
  • Documentation must respect personal learning styles such as visual learners where videos and screenshots are preferred and process learners where detail steps are the desired way to learn.

If we despise the need for consulting so much, why does this page exist?

Remember the goal. Be a better, more effective organization. We offer one-on-one consulting sessions to accelerate knowing what is possible with Membee and going from “not doing” to “doing” by using our decades of experience to customize the approach to your unique circumstances.


Outcome Oriented Consults

Each of the sessions below is an hour each, delivered online and over the phone.

Essential Membee Basics

Tailored for a “Newbee” or anyone who would like a review of the basics. This session focuses on learning how to navigate through Membee, accomplish the core tasks needed for most users and a review of all the resources we have in place to help when you have questions. The topics covered include:

  • Searching and navigating
  • Working with member records – understanding how to add, edit and delete information
  • Running key member reports
  • Procedures and processes for improving the quality of your member data on an ongoing basis.
  • How to find answers to your questions and get help from Membee’s friendly support team

Stop Doing Work

Membee is designed to save admin time. In this session, we will focus on all the features we have in place to get tasks off of the staff so that they can focus on what’s really important. The topics covered include:

  • A review of Membee to make sure that everything that can be automated is
  • A review of your procedures and processes for things such as renewals, new member sign-up & event registration to share our expertise on what our most successful client organizations do to reduce work while increasing revenue.

Get Members Signing Up On Your Site

We’ll show you how to get the new member sign-up form on your site, configure it and get it launched so that you can make it easy for members to sign up while ensuring that the staff needs to do as little work as possible. The topics covered include:

  • A review your new member signup process with an emphasis on helping you streamline the process as much as possible
  • Setting up the widget on your site
  • Configuring the new member signup form to automate as much of your process as possible (in most cases you will not need to take any actions at all and will simply be notified they you have a new member)
  • Configuring the emails that will be sent to new members when submitting their forms

Automate Membership Renewals, Reminders and Cancellations

In these sessions, we’ll help you setup Membee’s automated renewal system. This includes completely automating renewals, reminders, and cancellations. The topics covered include:

  • Automated renewal billing
  • Automated reminders
  • Automated suspensions/cancellations
  • Implementing features to make it easy for your members to pay online
  • Financial reporting

Get Members Logging In & Managing Their Own Information

During these sessions, we’ll go over how your members can benefit from being able to log into your site. We’ll get the member profile update feature set up together so that your members can take over maintaining their information, and review how you can extend Membee’s login to your website to provide even more benefits to being a member. The topics covered include:

  • Deploying the Profile widget on your site
  • Configuring the Profile so it has the fields you want
  • Setting up profile access rights
  • How to initiate login so your members can set up their passwords and get logged in
  • A review of the methods to integrate Membee’s login with your website
  • How to make content available to select groups of members

Increase Revenue & Participation with Events, Donations & Stores

In hour one we’ll take you through the basics of getting the event calendar up on your site and creating events, donations, and a store. In hour two we’ll go beyond the basics and show you how you can really make your event shine using different layouts, custom fields, automated event communication and how you can use features such as early bird pricing. The topics covered include:

  • Deploying event functionality on your site
  • Members only pricing & member login
  • Early bird pricing
  • Customizing registration confirmation emails
  • Setting up automated communication to your attendees both before and after an event
  • Setting up lists of upcoming events that can be displayed on any page on your site
  • Reporting including attendee lists, event summaries and sending event itineraries

Member Directories

In these sessions, we’ll review the different ways Membee’s directories can be implemented to provide the best possible experience to member and/or visitors to your site. The topics covered include:

  • Things to consider before creating a directory
  • Configuring the directory widget and deploying it on your site
  • Using a members only vs. a public directory
  • Adding member listings to your directory in batch,
  • Extending the directory using feeds
  • Promote high-value members with “enhanced” listings in the directory.

Using Notes & To-Dos, Groups & Committees

Learn how Membee uses notes to track information in Membee and how you can use notes as well as to-dos to create notes and track tasks yourself. We’ll also go over Membee’s group feature and when to use it and show you how you can use Committees to track both committee members as well as meeting and meeting attendance. The topics covered include:

  • How to add a Note or To Do
  • Creating a group and adding members in batch
  • Creating committees and adding members
  • Tracking committee meetings, communicating with groups or committees.

Website Administration

Your Membee Complete website has a website administrator that will know the ins and outs of how to add, remove, or reorganize the content on your site. We can provide a tailored site administration training to dive deeper into a specific topic or provide the basic site administration training for a new user. Topics for the basic site administration includes:

  • How to add, remove, or edit a page and the content in a page
  • Adding a new article or blog post
  • Revise your top-level menu and second-level menu items
  • Keeping WordPress and plugins up to date

Q & A On Anything You Like

If you have a membership program or benefit that is unique to your organization and you want to use Membee to manage it or you simply wish to spend additional time in any topic area, this session will accommodate your unique need.


Each of the consults outlined above must be purchased individually – you choose the consults that meet your needs!

We do not provide any discounts for multiple sessions. The training expires 90 days from the purchase date and no refunds are issued for unused training. Training will be scheduled based on our availability, you may be scheduled at a minimum of a month from the purchase date.

  • Any Training Session for $199 (1 hour of training)

How To Purchase

Use one of the links below to purchase your one-on-one training session(s)

To order your training: