Site Set Up Services Provided

As a part of your implementation process with Membee Complete, we will set up the foundation of your website for you so that you have everything you need – did we mention… free of charge!

If you’re looking for additional features for your site, check out our Site Add-Ons, done by our experienced bees at an additional cost!

Free Site Set Up Services Included

Set Up Your Unlimited Website Hosting

The setup of your unlimited website hosting package includes:

  • An unlimited number of web pages
  • Unlimited serve storage for website content, pages, blog entries, photos, videos, etc
  • Unlimited bandwidth usage per month
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) – HTTPS to help improve your website’s SEO ranking
  • Server-side specialized caching developed specifically for Membee Complete to load your pages as fast as possible
  • Fully redundant hardware and bandwidth managed by SiteGround
  • Daily backups of your site that are retained on a 7-day rolling basis which are intended for recovering from the unlikely occurrence of website data corruption or failure stemmed from an issue with the CMS or the supporting hardware infrastructure
  • Redundant monitoring 24 x 7 x 365 completed on the server-side to keep an eye on the performance and uptime. Additionally, we utilize an independent monitoring service from that checks your site from three continents


Set up Your WordPress Account

We’ll set-up, secure, and configure your individual copy of your WordPress.


Establish the Site Navigation Structure

Configure the menu system to allow for easy changes to your new website’s navigation structure in the case that you require this down the road:

  • A maximum of 6 top-level menu choices – you tell us what you would like these menu choices to be called
  • No coding required! A drag-and-drop methodology to add or remove pages from the menu
  • Useful to emphasize pages for major events, initiatives, or seasonal projects
  • Supports a 2-level menu structure
    • The top-level menu has a maximum of 5-6 menu items recommended for a clean design
    • A drop-down of the secondary list of menu choices are under a top level menu item


Color Match the Site to Your Branding

All we need is a high res vector-based version of your logo and we’ll match all the site’s colors to your branding. This is what really makes the site!


Create Content Pages

We’ll set up and create up to 10 pages of your website content. You provide your web page content during your implementation. Remember that this simply lays out the foundation of your website. At any time, you can create unlimited pages, each with their own unique page layout if you wish!


Setup the Contact Us Form

We’ll set up and activate a “Contact Us” form on your website so your site visitors can get in touch with you. The form includes a Captcha to reduce spam and you tell us who you want to be notified when a site visitor submits the form.


Integrate Membee’s Widgets

We activate, configure, style, and embed Membee’s widgets (online events, directory, member profile, login, eBilling, new member sign up etc.) for you to utilize on your new website so that their appearance matches the overall site design. No need to worry about integrating the widgets, we’ll handle this for you!


Activate RSS & Social Media Sharing

Configure RSS syndication and social media so that sharing your website content is as easy as possible. This feature also contributes to the improvement of your site’s SEO ranking.


Mobile Device Compatibility

Your website includes a responsive design, that’s a no-brainer for us! We fine-tune the website’s responsive design to ensure that the website design is optimal for on a desktop, tablet, and smartphone device. You can find our supported screen sizes by clicking here.

When viewing your website on a smartphone, it automatically arranges itself into a single column in this order (top to bottom)

  • Your Logo/Masthead
  • Site’s Header – Search and tertiary links
  • Main menu/navigation bar – the menu automatically becomes a drop list of all of the site’s menu links
  • Main Content area
  • Sidebar (if used in the design)
  • Footer


Establish Member Login

Integrate Membee’s Member Login plugin in your new WordPress website. You tell us if you wish to activate Membee’s social network login feature which would allow members to access any website feature behind member login using either their Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, or LinkedIn social network account


Integrate Google Analytics Throughout Your Site

Using your new website as an effective membership tool requires insight. We set up and configure Google Analytics for your new website which is simply the best tool for gathering and making sense of those insights! A quick overview of the site traffic is available in the site’s backend and of course, you can deep in Google Analytics itself.


Provide Site Administrator Training

We’ll provide a half-hour online training/orientation session for your site administrator(s) so that they have the familiarity to keep your new site looking great for a long time.


Permanent Redirects

Care should be taken to ensure that the URL for popular and important pages remains the same in your new Membee Complete site as it was in your old site. That URL might be widely circulated and maintaining the ability for that link to work is definitely the goal. Sometimes, through the process of improving your site’s content those old, widely distributed URLs need to be redirected to new content when someone clicks them. That’s why we provide the configuration of 5 permanent redirects so they still work but they now point to now and improved content on your new  Membee Complete site.


Manage Your New Site’s Launch

We coordinate the launch of the new website on the designated launch day (always a Friday). We recommend you have full control of your domain(s) and their associated DNS settings through your own Registrar account.


What About Setting Up My Membership Features?

We provide a high number of free setup services to get your member data imported to utilize your membership features. We’ll also make sure that you’re taking full advantage of Membee’s automated functionality so you’re set up for success! Here’s a link to the membership data & features implementation process for your new Membee Complete site.