How Membee Works

Here’s a quick overview of how Membee works:

  • Web BasedAccess your member information securely from anywhere. All you need is your favourite browser and an Internet connection.
  • Automated – Membee Does the Work You Shouldn’t Have ToThe only good administrative task is the one you don’t have to do. Membee has a large and growing set of automated features designed do all of the work of signing up new members, renewing existing ones, and handling event registrations.
  • Simple, Flat Subscription PricingYou simply pay a monthly subscription per person who can login to the back end of your copy of Membee – your administrators. No long term contracts and you are free to grow because the number of members you have or the number of transactions you do, does not affect your monthly subscription.
  • Easy to Setup Online PaymentsMembee supports the most popular online payment gateways. You may even already have an account with one of these payment gateways and from there, you add your account information to Membee and you’re good to go for; taking online payments for new member signups, existing member renewals, and event registrations.
  • Every Feature IncludedEvery feature Membee has is included in your subscription! You are welcome to launch any feature when that feature becomes important to your organization. Think of it like you’re renting a house, you are free to use any room you like when it’s needed.
  • Amazing SupportEveryone says that until you actually need it. Our users can email us, chat us, call us as often as needed to get the answers they need. Membee is powerful and limiting your access to our great people would limit the system’s awesomeness. Over a 60 day rolling average, Membee’s global user base rates their satisfaction at an astounding 98%! But don’t take our word for it, check out how they are rating us right now.
  • No Data LimitsThe database behind Membee’s powerful features is intentionally over engineered. There is no limit in your future for the number of records you track. More importantly, Membee’s searches, filtering, and navigation will remain blindingly fast no matter how much you or other organizations in the “hive” grow their organizations.
  • Keep Your Site & Add Great Membership CapabilitiesAdd capabilities such as new member sign up (with payment processing), existing member renewal (with payment processing), event registration (with payment processing), member profile (so members manage their own information), search member directories, and more to your existing website. Membee provides these features as point and click configurable widgets. If you can create a blank page in your existing website, you can add a Membee widget to that page.
  • Organization or People MembersWhether your members are organizations, companies, or institutions or your membership is comprised of individual people, Membee handles both equally well. In fact, the memberships of most Membee client organizations is comprised often a mix of both people and organization members.
  • Member LoginMembee both grants and revokes member usernames and passwords for you when a new member joins or when an existing member cancels and Membee automatically cleans things up for you. Membee uses these member usernames and passwords to grant access to the member’s profile, members only event pricing, and even private member directories. Membee also member login to your website so you can secure web page content, video, discussion forums, etc. to insure that only members access the valuable content on your website.
  • Mobile Ready Membership FeaturesWith each passing day, members are more likely to interact with your website from their smartphone. A responsive website design is essential in ensuring that members have a great experience on your website. Since Membee’s widgets run on pages in your website, they all have a responsive design. This makes it a breeze for members to join, renew, update their information, or register for events right from their mobile device.

New Member Signup

Membee’s fully automated New Member Signup widget brings full new member processing to your website without any programming.

  • Web BasedAccess your member information securely from anywhere. All you need is your favourite browser and an Internet connection.
  • Fully Automated New Member SignupMaking it easy for new members to join from your website is a key to your organization’s growth. Membee’s New Member Signup widget can be added to your site and fully automate the new member signup process including payment processing (optional) and member login setup.
  • Unlimited Signup Forms & WorkflowsMembee allows you to create unlimited signup forms that can be pasted onto pages in your website. This means you can tailor a form to create a great signup process for your “platinum” level members gathering different information, different membership pricing, and welcome emails that differ from how students or another type of member joins your organization.
  • Create Easy to Use Signup FormsIf it’s hard, they won’t do it. It’s as simple as that. Membee gives you field-by-field control over which fields of information you gather from a new member. You decide which fields are required or optional and field control allows you to emphasize fields that are really important to their membership.
  • Store Credit Card Details for Easy Future Checkouts & RenewalMembee provides the capability for the new member store their credit card details so that future checkouts are easier. The new member’s checkout during future event registrations is reduced to a single click. You can also tell Membee to use the new member’s stored card for their membership renewal making future membership renewal fully automated for you and most importantly, your member.
  • Automated Member Login SetupOften, the “good stuff” for members is behind a locked door requiring the new members to login to access valuable content and features on your organization’s website. Membee’s new member signup process makes it easy for your new member to set or reset their own password to use “members only” features. You even control where the new member is redirected to once they set up their login so they can start using their membership right away!
  • Streamlined Vetting ProcessIf your organization requires new member submissions to be approved before the applicant can take advantage of all the member benefits, Membee’s streamlined vetting process allows you to easily approve and reject new memberships. Membee will keep you informed of any new members pending approval. When you’re ready to approve or reject a membership, the system will take you through a guided and automated workflow to wrap up your vetting process.
  • Sell Events, Additional Services, Even DonationsMembee’s Additional Items feature makes it easy to add other products and services to your new member signup forms. You decide if these additional items are optional (a conference registration or donation) or required (a new member initiation fee). The new member only checks out once and Membee creates all the necessary financial transactions on the fly so you have full financial reporting of the new membership and any additional purchases.
  • Use Discounts to Boost New Member SalesProvide compelling incentives for potential new members to join by using the Promo Codes feature to create discount codes for all of the specific levels of memberships. Many organizations have Membee automatically send a discount code for membership to non-members who are already attending their events.
  • User NotificationsMembee keeps you in the loop while it does all the work. You specify which of your Membee subscribers are notified when a new member joins.
  • Mobile ReadyOf course Membee’s New Member Signup widget has a responsive design so a new member can join and pay from any mobile device.

Existing Member Renewal

Membee’s fully automated Renewal processing brings full easy renewal for your current members to your website without any programming.

  • Automated Notification to Members of Upcoming RenewalThis simple feature will increase your retention rate while you get paid faster. You tell Membee when to deliver a pre-renewal email to members coming due. The email is a template so you control the messaging where it is common to promote upcoming member benefits and to alert the member to watch for their upcoming renewal notification.
  • Automated Credit Card RenewalThe best membership renewal happens when the member needs to do nothing to renew! Membee’s Card Vault feature makes it easy for your organization to permit members to store their credit card for use to renew their membership when they join or checkout after an event purchase. Membee will automatically communicate renewal details to the member and automatically debit their credit card when their membership is due.
  • Automated Invoice DeliveryRenewal must be easy. Not every member is going to want to share their credit card info with you. No problem. Membee will automatically send an email to these members a templated email containing a renewal link. When clicked, the link takes the member to your site where they can checkout and pay their renewal in a couple of clicks.
  • Automated RemindersThis feature alone will increase your membership revenues and member retention rate. You completely control how often and what Membee says to overdue members when it sends them email based reminders. These templated emails go only to overdue members and because you can create unlimited reminders, you are increasing the urgency of your messaging as the age of their renewal increases.
  • Automated CancellationMembee’s Cancellation automation cleans up an overdue membership for by writing off their unpaid membership renewal, sending a templated email, changing them to a non-member status, deactivating logins, deactivating directory listings, etc. You have full control over both what Membee does and when it does it. A common best practice here is to set two automations, one that restricts some benefit, deactivating login as an example and the second automation later on completes full cancellation if renewal payment is not received.
  • Upsell Membership LevelsIf you have or are looking to moving to a multi-level membership structure, the Additional Items feature makes it easy to offer higher membership levels to a renewing member. For example, a “bronze” level member could upgrade to a “silver” or “gold” level membership on the fly when renewing their “bronze” level membership.
  • Sell Events & Gather Donations During RenewalWhen a member is renewing is definitely a time when you have their attention. Increase non-dues income by make it easy for members to purchase upcoming events when they pay for their membership renewal. If donations are an important way for you to fund certain projects or initiatives, use Membee’s Donations functionality to allow existing members to donate when paying for their membership renewal.
  • Use Discounts to Boost Renewals & Speed PaymentProvide compelling incentives for existing to pay you faster for their membership renewal by using the Promo Codes feature to create discount codes for all of the specific levels of memberships. A limited time offer of a small discount on their membership renewal both speed payment and increases your member retention rate.
  • User NotificationsMembee keeps you in the loop while it does all the work. You specify which of your Membee subscribers are notified when an existing member renews.
  • Mobile ReadyOf course Membee’s Renewal widget has a responsive design so an existing member can pay for their renewal from any mobile device.


Membee’s Events functionality is designed to make event registration really easy for both members and non-members. This insures your organization maximizes event revenues while providing a hassle free registration and payment process for event purchasers.

  • Easy to Use Event Registration & Payment Processing
    Membee’s Events widget makes it easy for you to promote your events on lists and calendars on your website while making the event registration and payment processes really easy. No pop-ups, no multi-step processes directly translates to increased event sales. Membee’s Card Vault makes it easy for members to store their credit card information which reduces future event checkouts to a single click.
  • Member & Non-Member Event Pricing
    Membee protects a member’s price for an event with login. This ensures that only members can access this price. The member price is visible so both members and non-members know so everyone sees the value of being a member!
  • Early Bird Pricing
    Membee makes it easy to provide a financial incentive to get event purchasers to sign up early. You simply give Membee some date and time information and it takes care of the process of removing the lower priced registration and replacing it with the higher priced one as your event approaches.
  • Control Quantities
    Sometimes overselling an event is simply not an option and sometimes it is essential to account for no-shows so you maximize the event’s revenue. The Capacity feature gives you control over the entire event and even for each item you wish to offer in your event.
  • Bundle Your Event Items
    Increase your member participation and event revenues by bundling your event items together! By creating a packaged bundle that is sold at a discounted price, members have an incentive to participate in your event.
  • Gather Custom Attendee Details
    Every event is different. When you define an event in Membee, you can create custom fields on the fly to gather from the event’s registrants. Whether it is meal choices for a fundraiser or gala or session preferences for your conference, these custom fields make it easy to gather the information that is essential to your event’s success. Membee’s powerful Event Summary report tallies the responses to these custom fields so at a glance you can see how many “medium” golf shirts you need for your tournament or how many “chicken” meals you need for your fundraiser.
  • Use Conditions to Sell Exclusive Items
    Membee’s conditional event item capability lets you set conditions on items to increase sales opportunities. Purchasing one item opens up the opportunity to purchase an exclusive item that was not originally listed. This is used in cases where purchasing a member registration item will allow you to exclusively purchase a special guest registration at a discounted cost.
  • Sell Your Event Items to Specific Membership Statuses
    Selling your event items at different prices for your gold, silver, and bronze members just got easy. Membee can set up your price levels to be sold to specific membership subsets, meaning you can customize the criteria required for your event items and only those that meet the criteria can see or purchase the item! This way, your bronze level members won’t be able to purchase the special gold level price.
  • Use Discounts to Increase Event Sales
    This is powerfully used by Membee client organizations to flat out increase event sales. Membee’s Promo Codes feature creates discount codes for you where you can specify that the discount is valid for a specific event, a group of events, or even to provide a discount for membership when a non-member signs up for one of your events. Maybe your “Platinum” level members get a 100% discount for certain events because they pay you big membership dollars. The sky’s the limit with this feature.
  • List Upcoming Events Automatically on Your Website
    Membee’s Event Feed feature is a widget that lists your upcoming events anywhere you want on your website. When you hit “save” on a new event in Membee, it is instantly listed on your website. Since you can create unlimited Event Feeds, you can specialize. A list of upcoming webinars on your “Member Professional Development” page or a listing of upcoming meetings on your “Meetings & Conferences” page.
  • Gather Registration for Free Events
    A growing trend is a practice of including the cost of event registration in the price of an “all inclusive” membership. Getting members to register but not require payment ensures you know who is and more importantly, who is not participating in these events which are essential to keeping those big membership dollars flowing in. Membee makes it easy to create a “members only” registration where the price is “free”.
  • Automated Event Registration Confirmation
    For each event, Membee creates the event’s purchase confirmation email template for you. It is unique to the event and shares with the event purchaser the event’s key information such as date, time, location and the details of their registration. You can modify the template and add other pertinent information so when Membee automatically delivers the confirmation to the event purchase, it says exactly what you want it to say.
  • Email an Event’s Attendees in a Single Click
    Keeping your event attendees in the loop is a key to a successful event. Membee’s built-in email capability has you send professional, personalized emails to any event’s attendees in a single click. Because Membee is constructing a personalized email for each attendee and this is important communication, Membee automatically as a copy of the email and attaches it to the event attendee’s record.
  • Automated Pre Event Marketing
    Maximizing an event’s attendance maximises revenue so every event planner will tell you that they wished they had the time to regularly figure out who has registered for a big event so they can target compelling communication to those yet to register. Let Membee do it for you automatically. You set the message and how often it goes and Membee figures out who hasn’t registered and sends your message to them.
  • Automated Post Event Communication
    The day after a big event is so rewarding! You’re exhausted but happy that the next one isn’t for a while. About the last thing you want to do is a bunch of communication for the event that is now in your rearview mirror. Let Membee do it for you automatically. Maybe a quick “thank you”, a link to your post event survey, and a link to your next big event out to those who attended. At the same time, a message to those you failed to register pointing out what a great event they missed!
  • View Detailed Event Participation History
    If your events are a valued member benefit then event participation is a powerful tool in retaining your membership. All event participation history is visible on the member’s record so at a glance, you can see how engaged that member is. Using Membee’s powerful Participation/Non-Participation make it easy to do deep analysis participation trends or maybe, more importantly, identify members who are not participating so you can target them and get them re-engaged!
  • Event Budgeting & Real Time Reporting
    Got a great idea for a new event but not sure if the numbers will work? No problem. Setup a hidden event in Membee that contains your assumptions, sales estimates, and related costs. Membee will build a pro forma event budget for you. Tweak pricing and sales estimates and if everything looks good, make the event “live” in a single click. Membee will update your budget in real time with sales results and show you the variance between your assumptions and what is actually happening.
  • Community Events Calendar
    Members have the option to submit events onto a community events calendar, requiring approval by your staff before it’s posted. Perfect for organizations that highly involve community interaction or hold a lot of board meetings!
  • User Notifications
    Membee keeps you in the loop while it does all the work. You specify which of your Membee subscribers are notified when event registrations occur.
  • Mobile Ready
    Of course, Membee’s Events widget has a responsive design so your events can be purchased and paid for from any mobile device.


Do you have an important project, initiative, or cause that you wish to fund via donations? Gathering donations is easy in Membee!

  • Gather DonationsMembership based organizations are using donations to fund specific projects, initiatives, or causes. These monies must be kept separate from membership and event revenues. Membee’s Charitable Donations feature handles this and also makes it easy to use Membee’s communication tools to keep donors engaged.
  • Donors Never Leave Your SiteSet up “Donate” as a menu choice on your website and/or add a “donate” button to your website’s sidebar. When one of these links are clicked the donor will be redirected to the donations page where Membee’s widget is embedded.
  • Donation ReceiptsMembee with post and permanently store fully compliant tax receipts for each donation. Whenever you like, you can send or resend the proper donation receipt to the donor via email, snail mail, or both. If you donor is also a member, they can access a copy of any donation receipt directly from their member profile.
  • Automated DonationsAny organizations that are pre-dominantly donation based can utilize Membee to automatically bill and process recurring donations. This opens the option for your organization to move from a donation based model to a membership based model!

Build a Store

If you would like to setup a small store of documents or products to sell to members and/or non-members, and can fulfill the orders yourself, Membee can help. Purchasers will gain access to your “store” from a link on your site and enjoy member/non-member pricing and payment processing via one of Membee’s supported payment gateways.

  • Member & Non-Member Pricing
    With Membee you can set up a place to sell products and or documents that members can purchase from you at “members only” pricing. This is protected by login making sure non-members pay the full specified amount.
  • Bundle Your Items TogetherPackage together a few items and sell your bundle at a discounted price to increase the value of your items significantly! The monetary incentive will encourage your purchasers to take advantage of the amazing deal.
  • Pick List to Speed FulfillmentTo make fulfillment easier, you can print a pick list. One page per purchaser, making it easy to pick the item(s) purchased. Add the list to the completed package acting as verification to the purchasers when they open their package.
  • Full Purchase & Transaction HistoryWhether your purchasers are members or non-members, their complete purchase and transaction history is maintained in Membee for reference and reporting at any time.

Member Profile

Membee’s member profile feature makes it easy for members to manage their own information from your website. If members are managing their own information, that means you don’t have to!

  • You Control What Members Can UpdateLiterally every field in Membee is available on the member profile so you have field-by-field control over which fields you allow a member to see and which fields you allow them to update. Even after you have added the Profile widget to your site, you can change its configuration in Membee. Maybe you want to activate another field, just check the checkbox in Membee to activate the desired field, save the update to the Profile widget, and the next member to access their profile on your site will see the new field.
  • Create SectionsMembee has an abundance of categorization and custom fields. This makes it easy for you to group important fields and add a title and some descriptive text to the group so members know what information is important .
  • Order SectionsMembee’s “drag & drop” interface makes it easy to arrange the sections of the member profile in the order you want. Important stuff at the top and less important information at the bottom.
  • All Changed Documented on the Member’s RecordMembee automatically adds a note-to-file to the member’s record each time they update their profile on your website. This note to file details the date, time, and even the IP address they were located at when they update their member information. In addition, Membee documents in the note-to-file which fields were updated and records both the old and new values for each updated field.
  • Members Manage Their LoginA member’s login credentials are often an important aspect of their membership. Members can self-manage their login right from within their member profile.
  • Members Manage Their Credit CardMembee’s Card Vault feature makes it easy for you to permit members to store and reuse their credit card for future event registrations or even to automatically renew their membership using their credit card. Allowing the member to control their credit card storage and how their credit card is used within their member profile means they can self-manage their credit card preferences without having to contact you.
  • Members Can Upload Files or DocumentsIf supplying a document(s) to you is an important part of a member maintaining their membership then you will activate the file upload capability in the member profile. Membee notify you when new documents are received from a member.
  • Members View Their Event Participation HistoryFor many reasons, allowing the member to see their event participation history is important. A quick click to activate this section of the member profile and the member sees a detailed view of their event participation history.
  • Members View Their Transaction HistoryMembers often seek reimbursement from their employer for event registrations or even their membership fees. By activating the Transaction History section of the member profile, your members can view or print previously paid membership or event invoices. If they have outstanding invoices, they can pay those directly from their profile. If they need a copy of the a donation receipt, they print it from their profile.
  • Members Manage Their Member Directory PresenceMembee’s Directory widget adds fully searchable on directories to your website to publicly promote your members or privately allow members to connect with each other behind login. How a member is described in your online directories, special offers presented by the member, or even the ability to create additional listings in your member directory(s) can be managed by the member themselves from within their member profile.
  • Organization Members Manage All Their Contact PeopleIf your membership contains members that are companies, organizations, or institutions then you have the added challenge of tracking the contact people association with any member company or organization. No problem. Let the member organization manage their own list of contact people and even allow the member organization to designate which of their people can manage the organization’s profile or the profiles of fellow contact people.
  • User NotificationsMembee keeps you in the loop while it does all the work. You specify which of your Membee subscribers are notified when member profile changes occur. Notifications can be sent by Membee each time a member profile is updated if you like but a best practice here is to have Membee notify you say once per week and list all of the profile updates in a single email.
  • Mobile ReadyOf course Membee’s Profile widget has a responsive design so your members can manage their profile on the go from any mobile device.

Member Login

Resources such as page content as well online services such as discussion forums, document libraries, and training materials are popular and valued member benefits. Use Membee to keep these features secure and accessible only by members.

  • Member Login Services Come From Membee But Can Be Used by Your SiteAll member login credentials are created, managed, and revoked by Membee thanks to its Login widget that you add to your existing website. Members initially create their login on your website using a Membee widget and from that point forward, they manage their own login via their member profile (Membee’s Profile widget running on your website). This allows for the full automation of both new members getting their new login credentials and non-renewing members having their credentials revoked.
  • Have a WordPress Site?Among Membee clients, WordPress is the most popular site management tool. The tool provides great membership features such as document libraries, image libraries, content pages, discussion forums, and even custom member applications. Membee provides a free WordPress plugin that permits your WordPress website to secure its features with member usernames and passwords managed in your copy of Membee. This makes it easy to turn features of your WordPress website into “members only” features!
  • Don’t Have a WordPress Site? No Problem!Membee’s Member Single Sign On (MSSO) feature allows your website developer to use usernames and passwords managed in your copy of Membee to secure features on your existing website. The MSSO feature uses authentication best practices used by all the major online applications and services. This means your web developer is likely already familiar with the techniques used by Membee.
  • Make Content Available Only to Certain Groups of MembersPerhaps you have website content that only a certain committee should see, or a discussion forum that should only be accessible to a specific group of members. No problem. Use Membee’s Member Access Roles feature to create a role, assign it to the group of members, and secure your website feature with that specific access role so only that group can access that feature or your website.
  • Mobile ReadyOf course Membee’s member login widget has a responsive design so your members can setup of manage their member usernames and passwords on the go from any mobile device.

Member Directories

Use Membee’s Directories feature to add fully searchable member directories to your website.

  • Create Unlimited Directories & Member Listings Within A DirectorySometimes it just makes sense to have separate, searchable lists of members on your website making it easier for site visitors to get the appropriate list. You can create unlimited searchable member directories and within any directory a member can have multiple listings. Perhaps they offer different products and service or have different types of professional expertise. It is common for organizations to “sell” additional directory listings to members to create a healthy and recurring source of non-dues income.
  • Create Public or Private “Members Only” DirectoriesIf your organization has a mandate to promote its membership then you are going to want to make your member directory(s) public so they are easy to get to. With the checking of a checkbox, Membee’s directories can require member login before they can be accessed. This makes you member directory a true “members only” benefit since only members can search it and contact fellow members.
  • Use The Contact List Feature to Contact Listed MembersWhether your directories is made of businesses offering products and services or individuals in your profession listed in a private secured directory, the Contact List feature makes it easy for someone using your directory to tag a few members in the search results and send them a quick email. No member email addresses are ever exposed since Membee composes the email on behalf of your site visitor.
  • Member Listings Support Rich Content Such as VideoMembers can provide a detailed description which makes them much easier for site visitors to find. This description fully supports HTML so if the member can embed their latest promotional video right in their directory listing.
  • Google Maps Integration For Member Locations and DirectionsWhere are these guys? Tight integration with Google Maps allows the directory to instantly generate a map listing all members returned in search results. Directions to any member can be generated right from the member’s listing in the directory.
  • Members Can Present “Special Offers” in Their ListingOne of the features of a member’s directory listing is the concept of a time-sensitive “special offer” to individuals viewing their listing. The member can set an expiry date for their special offer and manage their special offer themselves from their member profile on your website via Membee’s Profile widget.
  • Site Visitors Can Search Using Categorization You DefineMembee’s powerful custom categorization functionality makes it easy for you to categorize your members by creating categorization fields that make sense to you. Examples would include members located in well known but unofficial neighborhoods or member skills and expertise that someone visiting your site could be looking for. In a click, you can extend this custom categorization to you online member directory(s) so site visitors can check checkboxes to filter your members the same way you do.
  • Full Text Search Makes Members Easy to FindIn short, the more the member says about themselves in their directory listing description, the easier it is for site visitors to find them using a keyword or two. If your member veterinarian has expertise with “maine coons” or “terriers”, animal lovers searching your directory will find their expert!
  • Featured Members Stand Out in Search ResultsThe “Featured Listing” feature is often used by organizations to generate additional non-dues revenue from their member directory. The feature allows you to make a member’s listing stand out from similar members in the search results.
  • Members Can “Pop to the Top” of Search ResultsYet another feature used to generate non-dues income is the ability to attach a specific keyword(s) to a member’s listing. Popular industry or profession keywords are valuable and Membee makes it easy to attach a keyword(s) to a member’s listing. When that keyword is searched for, that member’s listing pops to the top of the search results. It’s easy to see how members are willing to pay for this placement.
  • Automated Member Referral TrackingBeing able to answer that age old “what have you done for me lately” question from members is a key to retaining them. Membee’s directories track 30 discreet statistics so you know which listings get the most traffic, which keywords are the most used, even how many times a site visitor visited the member’s website.
  • Members May Manage Their Directory Listings ThemselvesYou control the degree to which members manage their listings in your online directories through their member profile. Members can manage the content of their listing, the description, special offers, images and even create additional listings on their own from within their member profile.
  • Place Lists of Featured Members Elsewhere on Your WebsitePerhaps all your “Platinum” level members have their directory listings “featured” in your member directory. That’s great when site visitors search your directory but what about the rest of your site? Membee’s Featured Members feed is a feature you add anywhere on your site, the sidebar of interior pages is common and where it is inserted, Membee will automatically insert a list of your “featured” members.
  • Place Lists of Specials Offers Elsewhere on Your WebsiteBeing seen as the “matchmaker” who connects members with each other never hurts your organization’s image. If your members are using the Special Offer feature to make their products, services, or expertise available to other members, why not list those special offers elsewhere on your site? Membee’s Special Offer feed is a feature you add anywhere on your site, the sidebar of interior pages is common and where it is inserted, Membee will automatically insert a list of your members’ “special offers”.
  • SEO Friendly ListingsPromoting your members just got even better! Deep within the script, the directory widget is more SEO friendly than any other, meaning your member’s listings can be found by search bots and visitors will be taken right to your directory page!
  • Mobile ReadyOf course Membee’s member login widget has a responsive design so your members can setup of manage their member usernames and passwords on the go from any mobile device.

Performance Reporting

“How are we doing?” Membee provides a wide range of tools to gauge and automatically report your organization’s key performance metrics.

  • 60 Reports and All ExportableMembership, events, revenue, committees, receivables, forecasting, and detailed member participation/non-participation reporting is standard in Membee. With 60 report definitions, you can get you hands on literally any subset of data you need. Each of Membee’s reports is exportable in CSV data format. You can even define, save, and reuse your own data export definitions. It is, after all, your data.
  • Define Your Own Categorization and Use Them to Filter Your DataWhile technically not a reporting feature, your ability to create your own custom categorization in Membee truly unlocks the power of Membee’s reporting and analytics tools. Whether it is custom membership levels, geographical categorizations, or other variables that you track on you members, the ability to report your organization’s performance across these criteria that is important to you is a key to actionable reporting. “Give me all my top level members who haven’t attended an event in the last year” allows you to act proactively to retain those top membership revenue members.
  • Save Your Filters as Favorite Reports or ExportsKnow you’re going to run this report frequently in the future? Save the hassle of finding it by saving it as a favorite. Membee will save all your filters to easily use it again!
  • Send to MailChimp or Constant ContactIf you created a list of people that you want to contact or send a newsletter to, with the direct MailChimp or Constant Contact integration, you can send the list in a single click

Promo Codes

Membee’s promo codes feature makes it really easy to create promo codes to provide a compelling incentive for the purchase of memberships, event registrations, or both!

  • Create Discounts for Any Level of MembershipA limited discount on the purchase of a membership is a proven technique to increase your membership revenues and ranks. Maybe you want to put an emphasis on increasing student memberships or growing your membership in the slowest time of your year. The Promo Codes feature makes it easy to tailor a discount to achieve the desired impact for the membership type/level you specify.
  • Create Discounts for Any Event or Series of EventsThere are a zillion reasons why offering a discount for a specific event or a series of events (all webinars as an example) just makes good business sense. Maybe it is a new event series that you want to get off on the right foot and an “introductory” discount where the promo code is limited to the first 50 registrants (or 5, whatever you like) is the way to go.
  • Require the Purchase of An Item to Automatically Get a Discount on a Second ItemThis is a powerful feature. We call it a Conditional Promotion which basically means “if you buy a specified item, Membee will automatically send you a promo code for an additional item”. The applications for this feature are nearly endless. Common uses include “a non-member buys an event at the non-member price and automatically gets a promo code for a free membership” or “a new member joins in September and automatically a promo code for a discount on all webinars in an educational series”.
  • Provide Incentive For Early Membership RenewalMaintaining a positive relationship with your members is membership retention 101. Kind of obvious. Instead of punitive late fees, why not say “thanks” to any member who renews their membership early by sending them a promo code that expires the day their membership renewal is officially due.
  • Provide Incentive for Early Event Purchase By Select MembersMembee’s Events feature already provides the ability to setup unlimited early bird price deadlines for your event. Maybe you have a group or level of membership that deserves or expects a better incentive than the one offered to all members. No problem. Send that group a promo code for the event that goes beyond the early bird pricing offered to everyone.
  • Set the Maximum Times a Discount Can Be usedEveryone likes a deal. A deal that is limited to only a few is even more appealing! When defining the Promotion, you get to decide how many times the resulting promo code can be used.
  • Set An Expiry DateMembers have the best intentions to act. To renew their membership or to register for an upcoming event are things they get around to but often when it is not the best timing for you. A promo code with a expiry date is a simple yet powerful motivator so the member gets things done and appreciates the perks of their membership even more!
  • Specify a Discount AmountHow a discount is shaped definitely impacts how it is perceived. If you think a discount expressed in currency will have the greatest positive impact, define your discount as an amount.
  • Specify a Percentage DiscountSometimes a discount expressed in percentage has the greater impact. If you think a discount expressed in terms of a percentage, just set you discount to a percentage. “20%” may be more powerful than a currency amount.
  • Discount Redemption Rate ReportingThe goal of any successful promo code strategy is not to give revenue away but to increase total revenues by stimulating sales. Knowing how well you promo codes are performing is a key to evaluating your strategy. Membee reports in real time the rate at your promo code(s) is being redeemed and the subsequent impact on your sales.
  • Proper Accounting of a DiscountMembee is backed up by a robusts financial transaction tracking system that is battle tested. When a promo code is applied to a purchase, it is incorrect to simply slash the price of the membership or event purchased. This understates the “value” of the transaction. Instead, Membee records the purchase at full price and then applies a credit memo to the purchase in the amount of the discount when a promo code is used. This insures the accuracy of your financial reporting while providing all of the benefits of the promo code to the purchaser.

Communication & CRM

Membee’s communication in combination with its customer relationship management (CRM) features make it easy to keep members, non-members, and anyone you’re tracking in Membee in the loop.

  • Unlimited Notes to FileThe Notes & To Dos feature in Membee makes it easy to track unlimited notes to file attach to any person, company, organization, or institution you are tracking in Membee. This feature is often used to record information that is relevant to the membership relationship.
  • Create Unlimited Personal To DosNeed to remember to follow up with that potential event sponsor? No problem. Just create a “to do” for yourself on the sponsor’s record in Membee.
  • Create To Dos in BatchThis idea came direct from a group of Membee users. Sometimes followup is required down the road for a group you are emailing today. In the processing of compiling that email in Membee, you can have Membee a “to do” for you attached to the record for each of the recipients of your email.
  • Membee to Member Emails Attached to Member AutomaticallyWith Membee’s wide array of automated features, it actually communicates a lot with your members, non-members, or key constituents. Whether it is reminding them about an overdue membership renewal, thanking them for their renewal, Membee will automatically attach a copy of the email to the recipient’s record as a note to file. After all, seeing all communication with the member whether generated by you or Membee itself is important in managing the relationship.
  • Note Categorization Using Categories You DefineNotes to file are helpful. What makes them really useful is the ability to categorize your notes using categories that make sense to you. Maybe you need a breakdown of the types of contacts you make with members or prospective members so the ability to tag your notes with your own categories creates easy and meaningful reporting.
  • Built-In Email Personalized Emails & Retain a CopyMembee has built-in email capability. Its functionality is focused on making it easy for a Membee user to quickly send personally addressed emails to event attendees, committee members, or literally any group of individuals. You compose the email in Membee, just like you do in tools like Outlook or Gmail. When you hit “Send”, Membee sends the email through Membee’s email server on behalf of your organization’s domain. This method dramatically increases email reliability and deliverability. Of course, Membee automatically retains a copy of the email and attaches it to each recipient’s record in Membee as a note to file.
  • Constant Contact Integration for Great NewslettersManually maintaining your distribution list in Constant Contact is a repetitive task as new members needed to be added and cancelled members removed. Get ready to plan something new for all that time you spent managing your list. Just gather who you want in Membee and in a click, Membee’s direct integration with Constant Contact builds you a new distribution list in Constant Contact. No more irritated new members or deadbeat ones still getting your member newsletter.
  • MailChimp Integration for Great NewslettersGet ready to plan something new for all that time you spent managing your distribution list in MailChimp. Manually maintaining your distribution list in MailChimp is a repetitive task as new members needed to be added and cancelled members removed. Just gather who you want in Membee and in a click, Membee’s direct integration with MailChimp updates your distribution list in MailChimp. No more irritated new members or deadbeat ones still getting your member newsletter.
  • Automatic Notes to File of Important Changes to Member RecordOne of Membee’s most powerful features is its suite to fully automated tasks. Membee should do the work while you are kept in the loop. One way Membee keeps you in the loop is by writing detailed notes to file automatically on a member’s record when certain things happen. Examples include documenting when a member’s Status changes – maybe they cancelled or better yet, moved up a membership level. Membee’s Profile widget makes it easy for members to update their information on your website. When they do so, Membee writes a detailed note to file documenting what they changed and also includes the date, time, and even the IP address used to make the changes.
  • Identify & Contact Dormant MembersLooking for your members who seem a little bit M.I.A? Use our non-participation report to find your dormant members and re-engage them whether through a simple email, an invitation to an upcoming conference, or even sending them a promo code that they can take advantage of!


Each month, Membee processes tens of millions of dollars in member and event transactions. Membee’s robust financial processes and report might be the most boring but the most important part of its feature set.

  • Automated Formula Based Dues CalculationIf your membership model involves members paying a variable amount in dues based on some important metric, you in luck. Examples include their revenues, acres in production, head of livestock, or whatever, Membee’s formula based dues billing can calculate the proper dues amount automatically for you. This applies to new members signing up on your website. Just get the new member to supply the value and Membee calculates their dues automatically and they are ready for payment.
  • Support for the Major Payment GatewaysIt’s not our style to take a chunk of every membership or event transaction you do. As a result, Membee supports a wide array of popular payment processors. Already have an account with popular gateways like Authorize.net, Bambora, Braintree, PayPal, eWAY, or Stripe? Just add your account details to your copy of Membee and you’re all set to accept online payments for new member sign-ups, existing member renewals, donations, products, and event registrations. Here’s the current list of supported payment gateways.
  • User-Friendly Payment ProcessingBy integrating with one of our supported Payment Gateways, members and non-members can easily pay for their renewals and event registrations online without a staff member lifting a finger! Receive a cash payment or cheque at an event or in-office? No problem – recording payments, including batch payments, can be done in a few simple clicks! Receiving your payments should never be rocket science.
  • Full Accounts Receivable ReportingMembee’s transaction-based financial model means that there is full invoice tracking for all purchases. What this means is that at any point in time, Membee’s Aged Receivable reporting makes it easy to know who owes you for members, events, or both.
  • Full Payment ReportingThis is the fun part! Membee’s Cash Receipts reporting allows you to break your payments out by any date range, membership only, specific levels of membership if you want, only event payments, payments for a specific event, even revenues for specific event items within an event.
  • Full Financial Reporting Using Your G/L AccountsSlide your key G/L accounts into your copy of Membee and payments may be reported grouped into your important revenue G/L accounts for you.
  • Location Based TaxationMembee has a global customer base and as a result, we know how to manage the collection of tax amounts. Location-based taxation applies to Value Added Taxes (VATs) where the amount of the tax is dependent on the location of the member or even the location of your event. Membee’s robust tax calculation features make sure you collect the correct amounts and specialized reporting makes sure to you remit the correct amounts to the government.

The “Hive” Approach to Enhancements

A bee hive is a marvel of nature because the hive itself and its inner workings are the result of tremendous cooperation and teamwork. Working together always yields a better result and that philosophy personifies how Membee works with its users worldwide.

  • You Have a SayMembee users discussion forums, focus groups (at select user meetings), and conference calls to gather user input. This helps Membee first determine which potential new features will be valuable to the most users and the finer details of how a popular feature goes for good to great.
  • Membee is Better Today Than It Was YesterdayTypically, we release 9-12 enhancements to Membee each year. Every release comes complete with release notes detailed what we’ve added, improved, or fixed.
  • Frictionless UpdatesAll updates are performed on the weekend so we don’t interrupt your business day. On Monday morning, all you need to do is log into Membee to start using new features. That’s it.
  • Membee Monitors ItselfThis is a bit on the geeky side but we’ve built performance monitors in Membee that monitor how fast it performs and if there is ever an error, Membee reports to our development team right away. Don’t be surprised if you get a call from our Client Services team inquiring about the details of a situation you encountered.

Hosting & Security

You entrust your member data to Membee and we take that very seriously.

  • SecureMembee’s data center is state-of-the-art and adheres to the latest ISO standards for physical and digital security.
  • BackupsDaily incremental backups to facilitate expedited recovery in the unlikely scenario of a catastrophic hardware failure resulting in a corruption of your data. Weekly full backups are performed and retained for 7 days.
  • HostingFully redundant systems to insure that your member data is safe and available when you need it.