Membee’s Implementation Process

As you make your transition into Membee, we work with you to prepare for your implementation of Membee. Our goal is to make the transition as smooth as possible while you integrate Membee into your existing website – we’re with you in this! The implementation process consists of key dates to help you meet your goal of implementing Membee and are subject to mutually agreed scheduling to fit your reality!

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I Need a New Site


Week 1 – Welcome Call & Introduction

Within a business day of receiving your sign-up, your assigned Implementation Coordinator will contact you by phone.  During this call your Implementation Coordinator will:

Introduce Themselves

Your Implementation Coordinator’s goal is to ensure that the setup of Membee goes smoothly.  They will explain how we manage that process and how you can get a hold of them when you need them.

Take You Through an Overview of the Process

We focus a lot of effort and resources on the implementation process and honestly, we have it down to a science. We will review the process including how easy it will be for you to provide the content we need using our online content gathering tool.

Provide Details on the Next Step – Submitting the Implementation Survey

Following this call, you will receive an email with a link and a PIN code to access the first step in your implementation – the Implementation Survey.  This survey will gather important details to help us understand how your organization works and what features are most important to setup. You will have approximately 1 week to complete this.  This includes (but is not limited to!) the following:

Membee User Information

We will gather basic information about who will be set up with a subscription to access Membee.

An Initial Copy of Your Data

We learn a lot by having a look at the data you want to import into Membee. You will not need to worry about how the data is formatted,  we will review the data and provide you with specific instructions on what you will need to do in order to get the data ready for us to import it into your copy of Membee.

Which Payment Gateway Will You Be Using

Often, a big reason for coming to Membee is to take advantage of online payment processing for new member signups, existing member renewal, event registrations, donations, etc.

If you don’t currently have an account with a supported payment gateway, you will be able to take a look at the payment gateways we integrate and decide what you would like to use. In case you would like to get a head start – we’ve gathered your options together in one place including some recommended payment gateways due to their features and pricing.

Membee’s Supported Payment Gateways

Information About Your Website

Your website is very important since it acts as the platform for Membee’s widgets. In order to be able to add Membee widgets for new member signup, existing member renewal, event registration, member profile, searchable directories, etc. to your website, we’ll ask you if you are able to create new pages on your website or if you will need to work with someone else to help you get that done.  If you are building a new website, we’ll ask you to provide details on things such as when your new website is launching. 

Information About Your Organization’s Processes & Procedures

Membee has a number of features that we will be working with you to set up.  We’ll ask you questions about new member signup, existing member renewal, event registration, member profile, searchable directories, etc. so we can understand how we will need to set up Membee and what features we will focus on implementing with you.


Week 2 – Implementation Survey Review Call

Within two business days of receiving your completed Implementation Survey, we will give you a call to review the information you have provided in your implementation survey.  During this call, we will do the following

Review Your Data

We’ll go over the file(s) you submitted, identify any information that is missing and make sure we understand all the information included.  We will also detail any changes that you will need to make to the file to get it ready to import.

Review Your Processes & Procedures

We’ll go through all the information you submitted including things such as how new members sign up, how members renew and the features such as events, the online directory etc. that you would like to implement.

Schedule Your Implementation

We will take a look at what needs to be set up and the time it may take to get things like your data ready and create a schedule that best fits the realities of your world 🙂 

For example, if you need three weeks instead of the typical two weeks to get the content we will need from you to set Membee up, we will work that into the schedule.  You will be provided with a summary of the deadlines for each remaining phase of your implementation so you will always know what your deadlines are and when Membee will be up and running!

The schedule we work on to establish together is very important.  If the deadlines we agree to are missed then your implementation will need to be rescheduled.   We will never abandon you!  However, we need to ensure that other implementations that are underway are not impacted which will usually result in a 6-8 week delay before we can circle back to resume your implementation.

Provide Details on the Next Step – Submitting your Content

Following this call, you will receive an email with a link and PIN code to access the project where you will submit the content we need to complete the setup (such as your data, text for important emails) and the information you need to set up Membee’s features on your website.


Week 3 – Gathering Content

You’ll be working on providing the content we need to set everything up.


Week 4 – Provide Content

All Content for your Initial Setup of Membee is Due

You’ll be finishing providing the content we need to set up Membee.  It is very important that everything we ask you to provide is assembled and ready to go by the deadline we worked with you to establish in the Implementation Survey Review call (detailed above).  

If all the content that we need is not provided by the deadline we agreed on,  we will work with you to reschedule your project. Our implementation schedule is usually fully booked for a number of weeks into the future and as a result, this will usually result in a 6-8 week delay before work can resume again on your implementation.  We will never abandon you!  However, we need to ensure we can schedule you back into a spot that will not impact the other implementations that have been scheduled.


Week 5 – Initial Setup of Membee

Your Implementation Coordinator will take everything you have provided and get things setup.  This will include

  • Importing your data
  • Configuring the Membee features you have decided to use
  • Setting up some important system email templates that convey the right messaging to your members.

Your 30-Day Free Period Begins Here

Even though you already have access to all our services from the moment you signed up, your actual free subscription period doesn’t begin until we have completed this initial setup!  

Your Review Period Begins

Once the initial setup is complete, you’ll receive an email with a link and a PIN code to access the next step in your implementation, your review.  You will work through the review and submit requests for revisions.  You will typically have 3 – 4 business days to complete this review (a typical review takes approximately 3 – 4 hours to complete).

Week 6 – Revisions &  Final Setup of Membee

We will work through the revisions that you submitted and complete the final setup of Membee

We have a Setup Review – Q & A Call

Following the completion of the revisions we will have a conference call to go through the following

  • Final review of any important processes or procedures we have put in place (ex. If you approve memberships the process you will follow to complete the approval)
  • Answer any questions you have including (but not limited to):
    • The layout of the data that we imported for you into your copy of Membee.
    • How the Membee features have been set up and configured 
  • Provide you with a customized learning plan that focuses on what’s most important for you to know before everything goes live.

Your “Dress Rehearsal” Begins

In theory, you could go live immediately following our Setup Review – Q & A Call, but a couple of decades of experience has taught us that delaying for a few days allows for any unanticipated issues to get sorted out and for you to have a bit of time to start working with and learning Membee.   

We will have provided you with a customized learning plan you can take advantage of.  This is a great time to show off everything to your board of directors or have some of your most engaged members take a look through the features that have been set up.

You will have approximately a week to work with Membee before we go live. 🙂

Week 7 – Take Membee Live!

What does “go live” really mean in practical terms? In essence, this is the day you begin to achieve your goal of a better experience for your members and a ton less admin work for you!  

We will do the following for you:

  • Send renewal notices to members whose membership renewal is due.
  • Send out an email to your members so that they can set up their passwords and login. This allows them to do things such as update their member information via their member profile, access “members only” features such as event pricing and secured member directories.
  • Configure Membee’s automated renewal billing system.

You will:

  • Make sure the pages for any of Membee’s widgets such as New Member Sign Up,  Member Directory, Event Registration, Member Profile, etc. are published and “live” on your site.
  • These new pages are accessible or your site, meaning any changes to your site’s navigation and links to these new pages work as intended


Week 8 – Personalized Support & Follow Ups

In just a few weeks, you have moved your organization forward a long way. In the process of dealing with all of the details of the implementation while continuing to address the ongoing challenges and demands of your organization, it’s easy to lose sight of the end goal.

Organizations who shift from surviving to thriving take advantage of Membee’s capabilities. It’s that simple. While completing the implementation of Membee is an important first step, the tangible gains come after implementation and we’re here to assist with that too.

For the Next 30 Days, Your Implementation Coordinator Is Your Support Person

While it’s true your Implementation Coordinator is heading off to their next project, they aren’t leaving you quite yet! While you do have full access to our fantastic client support team who will be there to support you as you start using Membee and moving your organization forward, your Implementation Coordinator is going to grab all questions you have for the first 30 days following the day you go live. This just makes sense to us because they know your organization and your Membee set up better than anyone so they are simply the best person to answer your initial questions.

Additional Follow Ups

Introducing meaningful and positive change in an organization is an evolution that takes place over time and is influenced by the changing environment faced by the organization. It is for this reason that your Implementation Coordinator will reach out to you a few times to make sure you’re maximizing the value of your Membee subscription.  They will reach out to you:

  • Each week for the first month
  • After the first month, once a month for an additional three months

Of course, If you have a question – don’t wait for these follow-up calls! You’ll be able to ask us right away.


Rescheduling Your Implementation

We know that “stuff” happens and it is possible to reschedule your Implementation. This circumstance is rare but if required, you should anticipate that your rescheduled implementation will be several weeks in the future and almost certainly beyond the conclusion of your free Membee subscription period. This is simply due to our next available opening being that far in the future.