Membee’s Implementation Process

As you make your transition into Membee, we work with you to prepare for your implementation of Membee. Our goal is to make the transition as smooth as possible while you integrate Membee into your existing website – we’re with you in this! The implementation process consists of key dates to help you meet your goal of implementing Membee and are subject to mutually agreed scheduling to fit your reality!

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I Need a New Site

Day 1 – Implementation Survey

The process begins right away with you receiving Membee’s Implementation Survey.

Tell Us a Bit About You

It is important that Membee fit you, not the other way around. The survey will take a few minutes to complete where we ask you to share what your priorities are and in general terms, how membership and events work in your organization.

How New Members Join Your Organization

We will gather the details on your new member sign-up process, specifically any approval processes currently in place (if any) that need to be reflected in Membee’s New Member Signup Widget.

How Existing Members Renew Their Membership

This is an area where Membee can really help and to get it set up correctly, we will review with you:

  • How far in advance of a member’s expiry do you send renewal notices?
  • How often and when do you send reminders?
  • At what point is a membership canceled?
  • A review of the best practice for accounting for renewal revenue in your accounting system.
Are Searchable Member Directories Important

Membee’s ability to provide unlimited searchable member directories on your website is a feature that is very popular and we will review it with you to determine a powerful member directory on your site will add value to your membership offering. Directories can be public or private and configured in numerous ways so we will make sure you have the opportunity to evaluate them.

Review Options for Event Registration and Non-Dues Revenue

In addition to Membee’s powerful capabilities to gather membership revenue you also you also have the ability to launch additional features to add even more value to your membership including:

  • An online event registration system
  • The ability to collect donations, ad hoc, when members sign-up and when members renew their membership
  • Set up a small store to sell merchandise for orders you fulfill yourself

Your Membee Implementation Coordinator receives the completed survey and they will review it before reaching out to you by phone.

Day 2 – Welcome Call

Within a day of receiving your completed Implementation Survey, your assigned Implementation Coordinator will contact you by phone. In essence, your Implementation Coordinator is assembling their to-do list as well as detailing the things you need to get for them – your data being the big one. The purpose of this initial phone call is the following.

Introduce Themselves

Your Implementation Coordinator’s goal is to ensure your setup of Membee to go smoothly so they will explain how we manage that process and how you can get a hold of them when you need them.

An Overview of the Process

We focus a lot of effort and resources on the implementation process and honestly, we have it down to a science. Your Implementation Coordinator will review the process including how our online project management tool makes it easy to communicate and share files.

Gather Your Credit Card Info to Setup Your Membee Subscription

You will have received the information detailing your subscription to Membee prior to your call.  We’ll collect it from you during the call so there are no interruptions to your Membee subscription beyond your free initial 30 days.

Gather Membee User Information

We will gather basic information about how your staff and/or volunteers who will be using Membee.

Request An Initial Copy of Your Data

As soon as possible, your Implementation Coordinator will learn a lot by having a look at an initial copy of your data. Do not worry about how the data is formatted, your Implementation Coordinator will review the data and get back to you with specific instructions on what you will need to do in order to get the data ready for us to import it into your copy of Membee.

If you are working with multiple spreadsheets or are exporting the information from a current system and aren’t able to combine the information into a single spreadsheet prior to the Welcome Call, that’s OK! We’ll go over the data with you and help you come up with a plan on how to get it ready for import.

Which Payment Gateway Will You Be Using

If you already use a payment gateway that Membee supports then this will be a short conversation. Often, a big reason for coming to Membee is to take advantage of online payment processing for new member signups, existing member renewal, event registrations, donations, etc.

If you don’t currently have an account with a supported payment gateway then we gathered your options together in one place including some recommended payment gateways due to their features and pricing.

Membee’s Supported Payment Gateways

It is banking after-all so setting up a payment gateway provider can take a couple of weeks, so we highly recommend that you select a provider and begin the application process right away.

Access to the Back End of Your Website

Your website is very important since it acts as the platform for Membee’s widgets. In order to be able to add Membee widgets for new member signup, existing member renewal, event registration, member profile, searchable directories, etc. to your website, we’ll need to review your ability to create new pages on your website. If you need to work with someone else, what their schedule is like so we can factor in how long they may need to have to set up pages for Membee’s widgets. Typically, launching a widget on your site involves setting up a new page and pasting a script that we will provide on to that new page.

Schedule the Project

We completely understand that you just can’t drop everything to implement Membee. That why we review the handful of key dates with you to make sure they fit into the realities of your world. In order to avoid delays, just a couple of deadlines need to be met so we want you to have a chance to ask questions so the implementation’s schedule is developed in an informed manner.

Provision Your Copy of Membee

Right after the welcome call, your Implementation Coordinator will complete the technical setup of your copy of Membee. This includes creating the Membee Admin User(s) that you provided during the Welcome Call. Once your copy of Membee is provisioned, you will receive an email containing the URL for you copy of Membee as well as usernames and default passwords for your Admin User(s).

Day 3 – Self-directed Orientation – Week 1

We want you to ease into your new Membee-managed world without a ton of work. After all, your organization still needs to operate while you are implementing Membee.  That’s why we developed a special set of videos aimed at the needs of new organizations who are implementing Membee that you can move through at your own pace.

Take the Grand Tour

An overview of the features of the records tracked in Membee, navigating through the program and some of Membee’s core administrator facing features.

Automating Member Renewal to Maximize Revenues & Retention

Creating automated billing, reminders, and even cancellation make it easy for members to renew their membership while maximizing your revenues and eliminating all related administrator workload.

Automating New Member Sign-Up

Using Membee’s New Member Signup widget on your existing website to customize and fully automate how new members join your organization.

Communication & CRM

Learn to use Membee’s communication in combination with its customer relationship management (CRM) features make it easy to keep members, non-members, and anyone you’re tracking in Membee in the loop.

“Members Only” Features on Your Website

Learn how Membee manages member login including automatically issuing and revoking member login privileges and how this login can be used to secure other features on your existing website.

Day 10 – Self-directed Orientation – Week 2

Here the self-directed video topics for week 2 of your orientation.

Event Management, Registration, and Promotion

Increase event revenues and member participation using Membee’s Events widget on your existing website while automating event communication to event purchasers and potential purchasers.


Learn how to set up donations to make it easy to gather funds for your important projects, initiatives, and funds.

Using Fully Searchable Directories to Promote & Connect Members

Learn how to create public or private member directories on your existing website that are fully searchable and are designed to highlight members while they manage their directory presence via their member profile.

Making it Easy for Members to Manage Their Own Information

Use Membee’s Profile widget and your existing website to make easy for members to update their own information including full tracking of their changes while you control what they can and cannot update.

Reporting – Getting a List

Learn to use Membee’s reporting to generate quick lists including how you can export information to use in programs such as Excel.

Day 17 – Your Spreadsheet of Data is Due

Provide the Final Copy of Your Data

Your Implementation Coordinator will have already reviewed your spreadsheet with you earlier in the process and provided detailed feedback on what needs to be changed. This final copy of your spreadsheet containing those changes is due on this day.

Day 18 – Implementation Day

This is the day dedicated to the setup of your copy of Membee so it is very important that everything we asked you to provide is assembled and ready to go in advance of this day. With your help, we take extra care in scheduling this day. We take into account all of the factors discussed in your Welcome Call so that preparing for your Implementation Day is manageable and absent of unneeded stress. We want this to be a great experience for you!

Membee’s To Do List

Your Implementation Coordinator will be busy taking care of the following:

  • Importing the final copy your spreadsheet of member and non-member data.
  • Finalizing the configuration of the Membee widgets you have decided to use.
  • Set up some important system email templates that convey the right messaging to your members.
  • Set up as many Automations as possible so your admin workload is minimized.
  • Configure a member directory if you’ve decided to use one.

You Need to Bee Highly Available

During the course of implementing your copy of Membee, minor questions and clarifications always pop up. All we need you to do is block out your day so your Implementation Coordinator can give you a quick call.

Your 30-Day Free Period Begins Here

Even though you already have access to your copy of Membee, your actual free subscription period doesn’t begin until we have your data into your copy of Membee and implementation process is nearing its conclusion.

Rescheduling Your Implementation Day

We know that “stuff” happens and it is possible to reschedule your Implementation Day. This circumstance is rare but if required, you should anticipate that your rescheduled Implementation Day will be several weeks in the future and almost certainly beyond the conclusion of your free Membee subscription period. This is simply due to our next available opening being that far in the future.

Day 25 – Setup Review Periods Ends

Your Membee implementation is nearing its completion so it is time to assemble any final changes that you may require. Keep in mind that all of the setup tasks performed by the Implementation Coordinator can be changed by you at any time. This is the final chance to have them make the last of the setup changes for you.

Day 27 – Go Live Day

What does “go live” really mean in practical terms? In theory, you could go live that the end of your Implementation Day but a couple of decades of experience has taught us that delaying for a few days allows for any unanticipated issues to get sorted out.

In essence, this is the day you begin to achieve your goal of a better experience for your members and a ton less admin work for you.

Your Implementation Coordinator will be on the phone with you on this day. During this phone call, your Implementation Coordinator will:

  • Answer any questions you have following the launch regarding:
    • The layout of the member/non-member data that the Implementation Coordinator imported for you into your copy of Membee.
    • The Membee widgets are setup and configured on your website the way you want them.
    • Membee features like member login, membership renewal billing, etc. are set up the way you want them.
  • Make sure you have what you need in terms of learning resources so you can continue your progress and to ensure that you aren’t “stuck” on anything.
  • Share important learning information with you:
    • How to change email templates to the messaging Membee sends on your behalf is always accurate and aligned with your goals.
    • How to change widget settings or even launch a widget on your own down the road.
  • Review with you how to access help on an ongoing basis

Membee Hits the Ground Running

Now that everything is set up, there are some specific things Membee will do:

  • Start to send renewal notices to members whose membership renewal is due.
  • Membee will send out a template email to your members so that they can set up their passwords and login. This allows them to do things such as update their member information via their member profile, access “members only” features such as event pricing and secured member directories.
  • All of Membee’s widgets that have been added to your website are functioning

Doing Some Quick Checking is a Good Idea

Since your website plays an important you in this process, you will want to have a quick look around on your site to make sure things are the way you want them. Here are some common things to check:

  • Make sure the pages for any of Membee’s widgets such as New Member Sign Up,  Member Directory, Event Registration, Member Profile, etc. are published and “live” on your site.
  • These new pages are accessible or you site meaning any changes to your site’s navigation and links to these new pages work as intended

Start Telling the World!

This is the moment we’ve all been working towards. This is the ideal time to start showing off your new capabilities to members, non-members, and key constituents.

This is the fun part!

Day 28+ – Membee Follow-up Begins

In the span of three weeks or so, you have moved your organization forward a long way. In the process of dealing with all of the details of the implementation while continuing to address the ongoing challenges and demands of your organization, it’s easy to lose sight of the end goal.

Organizations who shift from surviving to thriving take advantage of Membee’s capabilities. It’s that simple. While completing the implementation of Membee is an important first step, the tangible gains come after implementation and we’re here to assist with that too.

For the Next 30 Days, Your Implementation Coordinator Is Your Support Person

Your Membee implementation is now complete! While it’s true your Implementation Coordinator is heading off to their next project, they aren’t leaving you quite yet! While you do have full access to our fantastic client support team who will be there to support you as you start using Membee and moving your organization forward, you Implementation Coordinator is going to grab all questions you have for the first 30 days following your Go Live Day. This just makes sense to us because they know your organization and your Membee setup better than anyone so they are simply the best person to answer your initial questions.

Additional Follow Ups

Introducing meaningful and positive change in an organization is an evolution that takes place over time and is influenced by the changing environment faced by the organization. It is for this reason that your Implementation Coordinator will reach out to you a few times to make sure you’re maximizing the value of your Membee subscription.

  • One week later
  • Two weeks later
  • One month later

If you have a question, don’t wait for these follow-up calls! Ask us right away.