We talk to thousands of users each month and know what are the most common best practices! Our webinars provide a great learning opportunity for all Membee users. They are designed to give users, globally, the opportunity to learn how Membee’s features can help them become better organizations

Benefits of Attending

  • Implement the best practices to improve administrative workflow and membership effectiveness
  • Exclusive learning opportunities
  • Insider knowledge directly from our team
  • Ask questions and receive live answers directly from 3 of our client services team members
  • Leave with a refreshed confidence that leads to success
  • Opportunity to provide your feedback and tell us what you want to see in the next webinar

How Our Webinars Work

  • Live in real-time with real people
  • An afternoon and evening session (EDT) to tailor our clients all over the globe
  • 30-45 minute presentation + 15 minute Q&A session
  • Presented by Membee’s Client Services Team
  • Registrations are required, the webinar is accessible with an exclusive access link
  • Receive an email with direct links to step-by-step instructions for features we cover, including a replay
  • Receive an exclusive email with all Q&As asked

The Four Best Practices to Perfecting The New Member Experience

Wednesday, Sept 16, 2020 – 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm EDT (Perfect for our North America Clients)
Wednesday, Sept 16, 2020 – 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm EDT (Perfect for our Europe, Australia, Asia, New Zealand)

Are you ready to grow? In this webinar, we’ll be looking at the four best practices to acquiring new members and how you can cultivate the new member experience. We’ll be discussing why each best practice is important and how you can make it a reality. Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll get from this webinar:

  1. How You Can Stress The Benefits To New Members
    The main reason why potential members become members in the first place is your exclusive benefits. In order to acquire new members, you need to drive awareness of the major benefits of your membership through your website and the new member welcome email. By doing so, new members can see the full value of joining immediately

    Key Membee Features: Website, Members-Only Benefits, New Member Welcome Communication
  2. How to Make New Member Sign Up Easy
    The more effortless it is, the more they’re likely to join your organization. We’ll show you how you can make it easy for new members to join and how the automated workflow minimizes administrative upkeep, even if you have a vetting process! And did you know – you can use the signup form for more than just new members?

    Key Membee Features: New Member Sign Up Widget
  3. Engaging The New Member
    Members who are more engaged and connected with you are more likely to stick around in the future. Don’t wait to engage with your new member, provide them opportunities to be connected with your organization and other members right away – we’ll show you how!

    Key Membee Features: Event Registrations, Promo Codes, Community Events, Members-Only Discussion Forums
  4. New Membership Campaigns
    Membership organizations need members! Growing your membership to new members is key to thriving, but what are some ways to get new members? We’ll provide you with examples of how you can implement campaigns to acquire new members digitally, which at a time like this, is more important than it’s ever been.

    Key Membee Features: Direct & Referral Promo Codes, New Member Sign Up, Event Pricing